"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Friday’s Five

Abiqui. I spent a magical four days in New Mexico learning from mixed media artists Orly Alverini, Flora Bowley, Misty Mawn, and Katie Kendrick. Those days of soaking in mountain sunshine and moving papers and paint around to create something where nothing had been a few days earlier…well, that is my heart’s home and I loved it.

Air. As in cool air blowing in a sunroom that hasn’t seen AC since…ever. I can actually write and read and make art in this new space without melting like a box of crayons on a TX day…we have already seen 90+ degree days.

Baby steps. Sofia is off and running (almost) with several steps unassisted. And that is how fast we all grow up. Blink and everything changes. Go far and wide, sweet grandchild #1. Your sister will be here before the year is out and will take notes.

Ink. Alcohol inks in new bottles, calligraphy ink in a two sided pen, permanent distress ink to stamp messages on. New art on the way…

Leaf walk. Tammy Garcia’s yearly ICAD (Index Card a Day) challenge is about to begin again. It is a daily creative commitment to bring something new into being. A warm-up was to collect and sketch three leaves. I chose pecan, cypress, and Japanese maple. And there are stories within those choices. Stories to come.

The joy of beginnings…new steps in beautiful directions. Join me…

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Friday’s Five

1. Holding Ari Jane. A whole day old and screaming her hellos to me. I get to be her “T” because that’s what her sister has called me for a long time. Other people’s kids. Sweetest connections. I get to hold my second grandbaby in September. It’s nice to know I know how. 

2. Care packages. I used too much tape, but that’s ok. The postal clerk apologized because she had to cover up some of my stick-on stars. That’s ok too. My daughter lives in the Czech Republic now. She needs stars from TX to remind her of home. However many stick.

3. Hummingbirds. One came the day I set out the newest feeder. A new location so Sofia can see it too. Close enough to see green and purple markings. A gift.

4. Income taxes dropped off. I didn’t say filed. But at least they’re out of my hands. It did me no good to know the deadline was later this year. That just upped the procrastination factor. At least I am aware of goals I should have.

5. Sunshine and garden centers. I enjoyed that combination today. Noticing the brilliance around me. The heat on my forearms, the dazzling reds and purples and yellows of this year’s flowers ready for gardens. 

It is so glorious to walk in the light.

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Good Friday’s Five

He died for us. But it all ends well. And we get to know that. I don’t know how it can get better than that.

I think that when we suffer He understands because He suffered, too.

Love is  always the answer. 

And empathy.

You’re here for a reason and if you never know why, that’s ok. There’s plenty to do without knowing.

We get to live for awhile. Make it count.

Happy Easter to All…


Friday’s Five: Truths

Gratitude this late Friday evening for things I name as well as things I keep silent about for awhile for just my heart to know…which brings me to item


The truth that we need not answer every question we are asked…protect your secret self without apology or explanation; 


The truth that winterberries add a burst of color to a gray January landscape…I’m hoping to pick vases full this weekend;


The truth that spirituality is a form of knowing and grows exponentially as it is nurtured…there is so much to know;


The truth that babies express joy through belly laughs at only a few months old…and the blessing of daughters-in-law who text videos so you don’t miss the moments;


The truth that one’s earliest memories can be recalled and today’s dots continue to be connected…

Here’s to seeing the truths and knowing the joy…

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Friday’s Five

1. See that cardinal? It was a welcome visitor this week, and I was lucky to get this shot through the window.


2. Texas weather. High in 60s today. Tomorrow? 40s. That means a possibility of a fire in the wood burning stove. And homemade soup. (That’s 3 things. Oh well.)

3.  I began the Documented Life Project 2016 with several other art friends. It’s a creative promise I made and it will be fun to see how it evolves. 

 4. Knit shawl in progress. Almost off the needles !

5. This sweetie turned 5 months yesterday. Saved the best for last this week.



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