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Pumpkins, Poetry, and Positivity

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Well, it was a pretty good day in fourth grade today. We painted paper plates (less than one minute each), designed and created a face (fifteen minutes) for the jack-o-lantern, and created a poem incorporating either a simile or hyperbole (fifteen additional minutes). There was drying time in between, but that was not a problem. We just continued with the regular routine while we waited.

It was a good use of our time and an added benefit is that the kids are proud of their work. Each class stood in the hallway and made observations: None of the faces are the same, Some people used different colors for the stems, This one has triangle eyes.

We were able to plan a project, follow directions, work within a time limit, brainstorm a list of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and prepositional phrases in our journal as part of the prewriting process, and decide upon certain elements each poem should contain this time: a name for the pumpkin, a location, a description, and either a simile or hyperbole. The students did not disappoint!

Best of all, they were proud of their accomplishment and could really see the impact of the result when the display was finished(which they also took part in helping create).

There were eight kids absent today–quite a large number. I’m hopeful to group them with someone who was here and get their work on the board tomorrow.

Teachers from other grades complimented the children, which of course is motivating. Parent conferences and report card day is tomorrow, so this display will be a source of “good news” to share as well.

Poetry, art…it’s always a good idea.


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