"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

Friday’s Five

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It is Christmas Break!

I could write that for all five of my reasons to be thankful, dear readers.

Sure enough, though, there are many more reasons this week…the remaining four top picks:

…watching my children graduate from two universities in two days…

…an artsy quotation from my sister, slipped into a holiday card–really appreciate the validation of these words:


…the surprise of a holiday CD in the mail from an old friend in Fayetteville–the packaging, the writing, the music, every perfect part…

…clerks saying Merry Christmas –seems like more of them this year…

and…did I mention…
It is Christmas Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Author: agnestirrito

I write. Make art. And in between, I do the best I can. ✌🏼️

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