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Teaching Tip: Jazz it Up!

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Oh, I really like teaching through novels. Right now, my students and I are reading Mister and Me, a book by Kimberly Willis Holt.
Chapter 2 mentions the song One O’clock Jump by Count Basie.
So, my student teacher intern queued up the You Tube video of the song as an introduction to the chapter we were reading. Our students sat mesmerized.
They watched every move, took in every nuance. And, when one sentence in the chapter mentioned the song, they could make a connection.
From the 3 minute video, we discussed jazz, swing, instruments, dress, props, teamwork, and segregation. All this from a single sentence about a song playing on the radio, a song popular in the 1940s, the setting of the book.
I smile tonight thinking of those fourth graders sitting there, tapping their feet. I smile knowing they plan to go home and find out more about jazz and swing and Count Basie.
Novels open the door to lessons on everything imaginable. I’m excited to see where else this book will lead us, and I like the company.


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