"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

Lenten Journey: Through Laughter and Tears

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Week three of the journey through Lent…while I’m not following my original plan 100%, I am trying to pay attention. Today I noticed the presence of laughter and tears, often in the same conversation.
I listened to a young woman’s anguish over a broken relationship, another friend’s grief over a sick parent, someone else upset about an argument with a spouse. People suffer.
Every day. While they are busy trying to work. It’s hard.
But, within the stories of their sadness, each person shared a laugh. That glimmer that tells us to hold on.
Sometimes people just need to vent. There really is something healing about that. Sometimes people really need you to be the one to carry their cross for a little while, while they regroup. I’ve lived that myself. I heard good news this week about a loved one’s test result,
but there were days while I waited that my prayer life suffered. Days I felt the words, but couldn’t say them. Those were days my friends carried me. Their words were lifted for me. I could just move and live on autopilot. So, I know. I know that sitting and listening is a gift on the journey that we can give. Praying for someone is, too. Asking someone the smallest question about how they’re doing. Emailing a good thought. Touching a shoulder.
It all matters. And, telling a joke. That helps in the most unexpected way. Lightening a moment is a way to give hope, too.
God gives us a spirit of hope, and it can come through those funny moments. He also shows us the journeys of others to remind us that we are needed here.
This journey is not what I had in mind at the outset of the season, but I’m here. I’m learning. I’ve cried some tears and that’s the truth. But I’ve laughed too. And I know there’s healing in both.


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