"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

Know Your Stuff

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“No one cares about your business as much as you do.”

These words from a friend replay in my mind from time to time, and lately, quite often.

I’m truly amazed at the level of ignorance present in this world. Truly.

Is it ignorance or just lack of dedication? Maybe both. Maybe something else entirely. I’m not sure.

What’s troubling is that the rest of us are starting to get the attitude of Well, that’s just the way it is…
Cases in point:
Case 1: My ER bill came today, a duplicate from when I was seen a month ago. I have a notification it was paid. Today I have a bill showing nothing was paid.
Sigh. I know it’s paid, but now I’ll have to call and deal with this. You know there’s an hour gone…

Case 2: Technology is only as good as the people entering the info. I cannot stress this enough: BE IN CHARGE of your information. Check and double check everything. Do NOT expect the information to be correct from visit to visit.
Know every medicine you or a loved one take. Know dates of every procedure, every visit, every single event. Do not rely on others to know, to sync information, to be on the ball.

You really cannot operate with the expectation that people are smarter than you.
People are just that: people.
In our humanness lies our potential for error.
Nothing bad has happened. I just see on a daily basis through this journey these truths:
It is critical to write it all down: every call, medication, direction, consultation.
Do not expect one doctor to consult with another. Inform them. Over and over.
Remember that surgeons may be spectacular, but their receptionists may not be. Take names.
Make friends fast…with pharmacists, home health folks, nurses, lab techs. You’ll be glad you did.
Question everything.
You’ll be known as that “knowledgable woman” (or man) and sadly, you’ll be in the minority.

Once again, my past has prepared me.
I’m thankful for the experiences that taught me how to keep track, to document, to organize, to communicate.
You MUST know your stuff when entering a clinic door. Or any door. Lord knows, I learned that from thirty years of teaching. But that my friends, is a different book, yet to be written…


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