"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Friday’s Five

A few days can make a difference.
No hospitals this week, dear readers.

Five highlights of Sam’s last few days for my Friday’s five this time:

feeding the dogs and bringing up the paper

riding the four wheeler around our place

taking a truck to be serviced

mowing part of the yard

running the boat on the lake with his daughter

Typical activities for some… that are big, big deals for a cancer patient.

There are good days and bad ones.

These were good ones.
Thanking God for them.


Friday’s Five

Blood donors: thank you.

Nurses who quietly back out of a hospital room when they finally hear snoring: thank you.

Penny, who becomes my surrogate secret pal so my “person” has some little gift to receive this week: thank you.

Cindy, who sends a poem called Happiness
along with words of wisdom about planting now: thank you.

Char’s prayerful reminder to Look up emblazoned on a rose filled pottery cup: thank you.

There’s much more to say tonight, dear readers. It’s been another one of those
unexpected weeks where we sit in freezing ERs, where we watch the clock hands circle dozens of times, where we pray for blood counts to go up.
(They did…thanking God.)

It’s been another week where my three classes of fourth graders didn’t get instruction from me. Progress reports are due. Essays need to be graded.
Our school is in trouble right now because of low test scores, and we are required to generate additional data sheets, post essential questions along with our objectives, etc. etc. etc.
Another teacher quit this week, the second this year. It’s a hard school to work in, for many reasons.

I’ll work nonstop this weekend, reconciling medical statements (and you know they aren’t all correct), grading papers (and you know they aren’t on level), paying bills, just basically trying to catch up. I’ll do it while holding my breath that I’ll have these next two days to get it all done.

Still, my mind manages me. It tells me what to keep and what to let go.

I deal by looking for the good…

and it presents itself when I call it up.

This week, it came in the form of people. People who knew what to do by giving blood on a random day, by recognizing that sleep matters, by knowing little things mean a lot. And poetry, dear readers, always changes us for the good.

Your week is as challenging as mine, or one day it will be. We all get a turn.
We can always survive by recognizing the gifts as they come. They always come.

I’ll end with this:
One of Sam’s nurses this time turned out to be one of my former students, a third grader from the 90s. It was one of those rewarding moments…seeing that nine year old fast forwarded to working as a successful member of society.
I’ll always remember you because you took this other kid and me for burgers because we read the most books.
I don’t recall the specific instance of doing it, but I’m sure I did. Those were the years we did that a lot.
The thing is, Mollie does recall it. How we treat each other matters. Years down the road. Never doubt it.

It sure is nice to get to know it.

God bless…

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Friday’s Five

God amazes. He simply amazes

Every day since we found out about Sam’s cancer, something good has happened too. How can that be?

Because we search for it.

Tonight, I’m happy to report the blessings still come…in many forms:

an anniversary rocking bench delivered
on the eve of the last day of chemo…how we will enjoy sitting together looking out at our place…

a pottery blessing cup with perfect prayers to say now, a gift from a “secret pal”…

textured yarn and a “miracles happen” cross from a dear friend who has given and given and given…

yet another check from a grade school friend (have I mentioned that we have not had to pay for gas or any travel expenses one time during these many months? Not. One. Single.Time.)…

an invitation from an artsy friend to come paint; she knows I need art, but I can’t come now. She asks anyway, because she knows I need that too. I love my friends…

God bless our family and friends for
never leaving us during a long journey. Their gifts give us hope and a smile to face tomorrow.

And, in honor of my blogging friend Dawn, a sixth blessing to share:
the purchase of suet and seed…
the hummingbirds have taken leave for now, but new winged friends will be welcome here for winter.
Little things, friends. Saving graces.


Friday’s Five

Here are five of the many gifts of this week…all related to that sweet blessing of time:

Time in a church I love for First Friday adoration. I could slip away during lunch today and light my candles, say my prayers, write my words in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Time on the patio of McAllister’s with an old friend. She always knows what to say. We decided nachos were ok for days like this…after all, life is short.
We plan out our days, knowing we aren’t in charge of anything, but knowing that hope is always a gift.

Time Sam spent clearing away brush so we can see the pond from our porch, cutting down a dead tree, sweeping a slab clean for the anniversary bench our kids bought us. He’s been out on the tractor again, moving bricks to fill in a washed out levy. Time of feeling good enough to do things…

Time on evening walks with Sara, recounting the day’s events…and time listening to Samuel tell his first year teaching stories.

Telephone time with Mimi, my “adopted” grandmother…she’s here anytime for anything and means it. Really means it.

And yes, this week a sixth gift:
A guardian angel necklace comes in the mail from my sister. It arrives on October 2, unbeknownst to her, the Feast Day of the Guardian Angels.

Sweetness, dear readers. Sweet moments and memories in the midst of uncertainty. There were many, many more gifts and moments…and therein lies the truth: the more you look for, the more you find.