"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe


Friday’s Five

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and I’m early this time posting my weekly gratitude list. I usually wait until later in the evening, but I’m off this week (blessing #1), so I have more time.
Sam has had a rough couple of weeks recovering from three surgeries, but we had our traditional family dinner at our house, with both Samuel and Sara home with us this year (blessing #2), and we were able to go spend time with Sam’s family later in the day, too.
Time and traditions. They matter to me.
Blessing 3 this week–an old light up Santa of my mom’s. I remember it welcoming visitors into our home when I was little. It is a bright spot in my kitchen every holiday season, and I was happy to plug it in this morning.

In the midst of uncertain times, we keep marching on. Sara and I are working on art pieces and handmade scarves for two local bazaars, the first one to take place this weekend. So, blessing #4 is the gift of creativity…and being able to use the gift, even when everything is out of sync.
Finally, my sister is coming to visit! That’s blessing #5, and these are certainly not in numbered order, dear readers. Mary has not left my side during this cancer crisis. She calls, sends cards and messages, thinks of ways to help. She’s flying in to spend time with us, and to help man the bazaar booth on the day I’m still working.
She’s a treasure. She continues to teach me what to do for others.
Times are not easy right now. There’s the sense of unpredictability hovering, for sure. But there is grace. There are sweet reminders of goodness and love each day. I’ve only listed five, but I could keep listing. And isn’t that the biggest blessing of all?


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Friday’s Five

Five good things from the past week, dear readers:

Snow in the forecast–that always brings a smile, even though it’s unlikely that it will amount to much this go round…

Good folks–Lisa was a great tech last summer, and she is now an RN. She saw us in the hospital hallway and came by to visit Sam, then made arrangements to be his discharge nurse…because there are good people the world…

Texts and messages and photos this week, from people who matter greatly to me. Hearts of gold…

Laughter before surgery, as Sam relates how he came to choose a password during pre-op. Inside jokes are precious these days…

Going through the new Bass Pro shop on the way to Little Rock. We have watched it being built for months on our travels back and forth, and just decided on a whim to stop in. Santa was making his appearance, another sweet memory to share…

This was the week Sam had three surgeries in one day. We probably would not go with that decision a second time, but it’s a little late now. These are the days of decisions and we just do the best we can and keep going.

A sixth “blessing” tonight…an Aristotle quotation that keeps coming to mind:
A friend to all is a friend to none. I’m reevaluating what that word “friend” means in the context of my life today. It’s going to take me awhile to work it all out, and that’s ok too. I’m past the days of people pleasing. Real people make real decisions and keep or leave behind what is necessary in order to be at peace. There’s a gift in that.
Choose wisely.

Sometimes the blessing is just realizing it’s ok to take care of you.
God bless…


Friday’s Five

I’ve always liked countdowns. I’m on a big one right now, counting the days until I can be home full time with my husband. It’s not long now, so I’m counting that as #1 of my Friday’s Five blessings posts tonight. I plan to work 1/2 day Monday, then I’ll be off until after Thanksgiving and then there are only three weeks of teaching days in December.

Sam will have surgery next week to remove a bad appendix (that ruptured during chemo #3) and two benign tumors. It’ll be a relief to have that over. He will need to follow up with a local surgeon for post op related matters, and his nurse gave me her personal cell phone number. I know you won’t use it unless you need it. We don’t want you worrying about appointments. Call me and we’ll get everything set.
That is huge in this day and age. At least it is to me.

The CEO of our local hospital is joining in our insurance fight. It is a big blessing to have people who have insight into the workings of these policies advocating. Grateful.

Michael writes a short poem and reminds me that even in these few short months, I’ve helped him:
“You’re the best
You get me ready for the test
Sometimes I’m good
Sometimes I’m bad
But let’s not be sad.”
Indeed, Michael. Let’s not be sad…
but I want you to remember more than those goofy tests…poetry is good. 🙂

Finally, the blessing of memory. My mom died seven years ago today. I held her hand and watched angels come take her home. The ones of us who witnessed it will never forget it. Keep your eyes open to the wonders of this world, for there are many.

Always seek the good. It is there…
and please pray for my family.


Friday’s Five

Signs and secrets. I guess that’s my theme this week. It’s been a good week, friends. Every day…challenges to make me remember I’m alive. Every day…blessings to be on the watch for. They come every single time. Here are five from the past few days:

My son is getting married in July!
What a sweet secret to know about…his fiancé Daniela is beautiful and smart and she laughs…the loveliest laugh. May they always find laughter in life.

I mailed my retirement packet and took it into the post office to ceremoniously mail it. It was a moment of pure relief…a hard but right decision. The camera clicked that moment. Thirty years of work on its way to Austin for final approval…

As I pack and give away and sort items from my classroom, memories come visiting. It’s been therapeutic and healing. Class photos, love notes from children, letters of thanks from parents…a real gift. Supplies and materials are finding their perfect homes. My son left with a cookie tin full of glitter today. Kids of all ages need glitter…trust me.

Texarkana Parent wants my next article–this one on positivity. It’s the sweetest thing to know that all that daily writing last year turns into good opportunities like this…

Carolyn brings enchiladas and chocolate cake for my family as a last minute surprise to end the week. Marissa stops by. An art friend Jen does, too. Friends come through daily.Thank God for them. It is “moments in time” we will remember.
I had very good ones this week. Some, you know; others I hold close to my heart. I am so grateful for the goodness of people.


Friday’s Five

Sam feels pretty good. That, of course, is the biggest blessing on my list this week. I’m not a mushy blogger, but I’m going to say he is a keeper.
Cancer changes so many things, but it doesn’t change our love for one another.
It does change how I see things. Clearer.
In this, the month of Thanksgiving, I’m so glad I make an effort to keep track of the positives. The sweet memories. The good days. The reminders.

Five of the very best blessings this week, dear readers:

a jack-o-lantern carved and waiting on our porch when I got home from work this week, courtesy of above keeper husband…

lunch out with my beautiful daughter; she’s working from home and freelance writing about freedom of speech issues–we have parental pride…

30 year old bulletin board decorations that make me just as happy today as when I bought and/or made them–it was fun taping up those fall leaves and turkeys today…

Starbucks is serving ventis in holiday cups–that makes me smile…

turning in a well earned retirement letter. I hope to post it here one day. I have walked lighter ever since delivering it…my place is home for awhile soon–I pray…

And let’s add #6 tonight…
Standing up for myself. Always have. Always will. This reminds me of something my husband said long ago:
I always treat people with respect until I see how they decide they wish to be treated.
Sometimes, people cross a line. You have no choice then, dear reader. You must maintain self respect. Always. You have to show them how you will be treated.
So. I always will. I hope you will, too.

Happy November. Find something or someone to give thanks for, and share with me if you like.