"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Friday’s Five

I’d have to look back pretty far to see when I decided to start this recounting of blessings. It doesn’t matter when I started. It matters that I continue.
Keep marching. The gifts are there when we look.
Sometimes the days are stormy, like today. Sometimes, they’re serene. Within each one is a treasure or a memory.
I know my days have changed in ways I don’t fully understand, ways I can’t even bring myself to want to understand.
So, I’m glad for the rituals. Routines. Friday’s whisper to remember.
Here’s five from the week. Surely, more to come.


Japanese fireglow maple

Tulip tree debut blooms

Morning geese

Silent lightning flashes

and #6…

…seeing more than what is there…

Oh, the gift in that.



Saturday’s Snapshot: My Sam

So, most of my devoted readers have figured it out by now or you know for certain.
Those of us Sam loved best were beside him when he died, two weeks ago tonight. That mattered to me, and I’m glad God permitted it.
No one should die alone.
There is much to say, and I don’t know exactly how or where I’ll say it all. This blog has been one journey after another. That sums up life, I guess.

We were soulmates.
We still are.
I know we all lose people in this life, but I also know no two losses are the same. For any of us.
I’ve learned so much. I have more to learn and more to say.
I’ve also learned it’s ok to feel what I feel and do what I do with no explanation.
Tonight, look at this picture and know there was a beautiful love that existed.
He is with me. I will see him again.
Until I do, I will try to live as he wanted: doing what is best for me.
Tonight, that’s sharing this piece of my heart with you. Thank you to those who stayed with me through this past year. God bless you…



Sunday’s Song: Waiting

Gratitude is a decision. A conscious one. And while I didn’t log my Friday’s list of five blessings this past week, I was vividly aware of them. Moments of understanding and clarity. Moments of self realization. Moments when I was given insight and strength. Moments of grace. Moments that came during days of waiting. I’m thankful.

…for we are in the midst of waiting.

A cure isn’t coming. We’ve known that.

Can a miracle happen? Sure. Even our parish priest appealed to the congregation at several masses this weekend to pray for one for Sam as we enter this season of Lent. But if the miracle does not come, I keep Sam’s words in my mind:

He is the miracle.

So. We wait. One way or another, we will each journey home. At a time of God’s choosing. Sam waits in peaceful expectation. At home. Amid the beauty of God’s creation: cardinals, ducks, and geese greet us. The wild pear are in bloom: a different painting every day as we look outside.

Right now, we are waiting to see if yesterday’s 70 degree weather really will change to 28 degrees overnight as the weatherman predicts.
The birds are waiting for me to fill the feeders.
There’s corn spread on the levy outside our back windows, waiting on an elusive deer to gift us with its presence.
I’m learning every day we are all waiting for something. How I wait has become important to me. Waiting without worry. Waiting in a state of peace. Waiting during the day at hand, not one far down the road.
I’ve learned what I do and where my thoughts go while I wait is important.
Some things go undone. Life goes on.
Some people are uncaring. Again, life goes on.
Waiting teaches us what we need to know. It teaches us what we will and will not allow from others. It teaches us who we are.

Lamentations 3:25
The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.