"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Friday’s Five

You know those moments you realize you didn’t record in any form? No photograph, no scribbled phrases in a journal, nothing but you and the instant of knowing this is real and beautiful. I had a lot of those these last weeks. I’m thankful.

And, for these moments with people I did not know 12 days ago:

Zee, a shuttle driver, who spoke to me about Ethiopian coffee ceremony; I can still see his mother dressing for the day and preparing for the family…and I’ll likely never meet her. Or see him again. But now I want that coffee, that ceremony, that experience. 

Mike, a member of Ketchikian’s Holy Name parish, who drove us back to town and offered to take my daughter and me out to see the totems in Saxman. He waited while we reveled in the artistry and then gave us insights into the area as we made our way back to Creek Street.

Marida, a California resident who was at Medusa’s for the free champagne (like me) and who danced with me for hours as we led other ladies and one appreciative man to the floor for the joy of moving to music.

The young guy on the plane to Seattle who was a theology student, a honeymooner sitting apart from his bride of eight days, talking with me and exchanging smiles and gestures with Sofia; his flight was delayed. They might miss their cruise. He laughed with us and hoped for the best.

The older lady on the plane from Seattle who rejoiced in the expressions of my grandchild; who shed tears as she told me of her trip to witness the burial of her brother-in-law; who listened as I told her  the realities of a widow’s journey.

Those five people are my five (of countless)  blessings  this week. Five I’ll probably never see again. Five I’ll always remember for their essence, their truths, their humanity.

We are so blessed to connect with one another in this life. It is never as random as we might think. 

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Friday’s Five

Time with family.

Laughing with strangers.

Larson. I’ll always remember that you memorized our names.


The Pacific Ocean.

The wonders of this world are many. The choice to live looking for the light is a choice I have never regretted.

May you always find it, too. 


Friday’s Five

The little boy in the parking lot. I did not get to see his face; I only saw his red cape fluttering behind him on this windy day. He was holding his mom’s hand. And he  made it safely to his car.

The lady at the vehicle registration who asked me if I realized my tags expired last May. Have you been stopped for expired tags, ma’am? No, I have not. 

A trip to the vet with my daughter’s dog. I had the harness on in such a way it made the assistant laugh. Doing the best I can, Lady. We all need to laugh more.

A recent art trip to Houston. Lisa Sonora taught one of her courses Dreaming on Paper and the women in our class painted and cut and glued and wrote. It was beautiful. 

Little free libraries. I’ve seen them on my travels before, but last Sunday I stopped at every one I saw. The effort people make to improve the world. That matters.