"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Friday’s Five

I’m reminiscing tonight. Looking through old blog posts. Realizing how much happens that we sometimes remember, sometimes forget. I was happy to see many posts; sad to see I didn’t document anything here last January. So, in yet another determined phase, I offer my traditional Friday “five good things from the past few days” post.

…a text that says “patio”…and both of us knowing exactly where to meet, a place that’s seen us walk through every emotion. If we have just one patio friend, we are doing pretty well.

…camellias in bloom…prolific blooms this month and many buds…time to get more vases out. Maybe draw one or two–or paint a few.

…an orchid that makes her comeback…I nearly froze this one out two years ago, but it seems she has forgiven me. Sunlight, children’s voices, measured feedings, and maybe pure luck… she will likely bloom this year.

…busy days but days that have turned much happier…part time jobs I enjoy and where I feel valued, time to care for grandchildren, art opportunities, writing and travel time. I’m aware of the blessing of each day.

…collaborative journals…I have three going with three enormously special people. I hope to write more about this endeavor as the year goes on…and on it does go…

January is whooshing away MAYBE in a cloud of Texas snow…it’s likely next week…and so…here we go, dear readers. Looking for the good in every day…knowing we can find it…knowing the sharing of it might help someone else. ❄️💨❄️🤞🏼