"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Lent// Sunday 4// 3-31-19 Free Pass Day

How is your Lenten journey going so far?

If you’re like me, maybe you realize there is room for a bit of improvement. 😉

Maybe Sundays are for resting and letting our minds play catch up after a busy week of living.

I hope you found some time to rest today.

If you’re joining me tomorrow, we return to the table for Psalms. I think that’s fitting for April…

…see you soon.

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Saturday’s Snapshot: Stop for a Sunset

Sometimes the simplest things give us the most joy.

From time to time, an old friend and I simply text one another a sunset pic. It is a tradition that evolved, like friendships do. That same friend celebrated with me tonight. We shared nachos and didn’t think too much about calories. We just enjoyed the delicious food.

Enjoying the moments we are given is important every day, but especially so in Lent.

It may be a time of fasting from some things, but I hope we never fast from seeing the joy in little things.

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Friday’s Five 3/29/19: Good Stuff

We are heading into my birthday week, and so I end this week with five good things from my last year…because as a treasured friend reminded me today Just think what all you have experienced on this trip around the sun. She’s right.

1. Friends like the one above, who remind me of the abundance of life.

2. A trip with my daughter to see places that five years ago, I never dreamed I’d see: Rome, Paris, Austria, Prague.

3. A fun photo and joyful in person message from my son that grand-baby three is on the way.

4. The part time jobs I have now that seem tailor made for my talents and abilities…dream jobs and supportive bosses.

5. Art and writing accomplishments–this year saw some new showings and an award 🥈, some new teaching and workshop opportunities, some new things to want to learn.

Abundance, for sure. It is good to take stock. Sometimes it is easy to get bogged down in the routine and sameness of life. Looking back is instructive.

May many more “good stuff” moments be around the corner.

For all of us. ✅✅✅✅✅

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Friday’s Five: 3/22/19 Last Stanza for our “Created” Poem

Let’s end the workweek with another stanza from John O’Donohue to round out this week’s creatively arranged “poem” courtesy of some of the best writers this world has known.

“...Though your destination is not yet clear

You can trust the promise of this opening;

Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning

That is at one with your life’s desire.”

From To Bless the Space Between Us (stanza 5 of 6 from the poem “For a New Beginning” )

…and if you read on Fridays for the good things, I hope you feel all the good that comes from poetry.

Here: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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Lent/ Thursday 3/28/19 Look

When was the last time you took five minutes to really look at something you take for granted everyday? The grass beneath your feet? The seat on the subway? The pillow you’ll hopefully rest your head on tonight?

Really look.

This tiny patch of ground enamored my grandchildren today. They saw more in five minutes than most people see in five days/weeks/years. Because everything is still interesting. The world is filled with movement and wonder and life in all its stages.

Our Lenten table seems to have an outdoor theme this week. Good. It is spring, after all. ✅

Look. ❤️

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Lent 3/27/2019 Wednesday

Bells, birdsong, bright sky, and an old church. Maybe you would like to spend a few seconds just taking in the gifts of the day.

Taking just a few seconds out of the busyness of everyday life can have a remarkable impact.