"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Saturday’s Snapshot: Do not drink and drive.

You know how sometimes the days get super busy, and you can’t get it all done?

That’s lately.

But I’ll stop for this.

I beg you. Please do not drink and drive.

My best friend should be celebrating a birthday today. I should be giving her a hard time about her age. Emojis should be flying across texts. I should smile thinking I’m damn lucky to know someone like this.

Instead, I try to keep a rose bush alive to honor her memory.

I try to remember to live a lot for the both of us.

We have options, dear ones.

We have cabs and Ubers and all kinds of ways to avoid driving drunk.

So, please.

Thank you.

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Easter Sunday 4/21/19

Easter joys.

There were so many.

But this pic sums up a lot of it.

The passing of time

New ways

Blended with old

A welcoming

A place to watch from

A time to celebrate

Green grass/ new life

Confetti still falling

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April 20, 2019 Saturday’s Snapshot //Remember When

More than fifty years have passed since this pic was taken, but I still have the little basket. I remember my aunt’s living room as a place of many celebrations.

Someone made sure my sister and I had pretty hats and smocked dresses. Thanks, Mama. There was a yard full of beautifully dyed hard boiled eggs to discover. I’m chomping at the bit to get to them. 🤣

May the memories you make this Easter be filled with the anticipation and joy that is still in you. Bring it back. Revel in the new day. 🌞

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Holy Week: Good Friday 4/19/19: “Were You There?”

Instead of my traditional Friday posting of five good things from the previous week, I honor the unknown author of the “Old Negro Spiritual” hymn Were You There? with five simple lines:

Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

Were you there when they crucified my Lord?


Sometimes, it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble

Were you there when they crucified my Lord?


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Holy Week: Thursday 4/18/19-Will you walk “this week” with me?

(Night adoration at St. Edward’s Catholic Church)

Holy Thursday night.

The 95% full moon looking a lot like the Eucharist.

Will you watch and wait with me?

Tonight I’m remembering that Eucharist means Thanksgiving.

That my father would work a night shift but still attend night adoration before Easter.

That this was my mother’s favorite religious day.


at the beginning of Lent I did not know I would want to sit a quiet hour in a silent church late on Holy Thursday night. But I did. Sometimes we don’t need to plan every action.

Be open to your own personal call. Listen. Act when you are ready.

When faith is your goal, you will not go wrong.

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Holy Week- Wednesday 4/1719: Will you walk “this week” with me?

(Second grocery trip of the day)

Do you always stop once you find the things on your list? Or, do you even have a list? 🧐

Sometimes a few extra items land in the cart: today that meant watermelon for my eldest grandchild (she will be so excited ☺️) and sausage for my son (he’ll be happy to get sausage balls soon)…little things we do along the way. I learned I feed people. It seems to be a life theme. 😉

This second stop was for the perishable items. I had a busy day, so I split the shopping up to save time in the long run.

My feet carried me many places today: work, grocery store, flea market, tutoring appointment, gas station, more grocery, bank drive through, home. Some unplanned stops along the way, but happy to have the time to take care of the day-to-day essentials and an extra errand or two.

Happy Easter is already on a lot of people’s lips.

It’s nice to hear. I know we are still on the road, and we have Holy Thursday and Good Friday to witness…and Easter vigil on Saturday, but some folks are ready now. It was nice to hear Be blessed ma’am as I left the last grocery store today. I’m glad I don’t take such greetings for granted.

I am glad I live where I can walk in a place and find what I need most days, and even things I didn’t know I needed.

The day-to-day is really more important than we might think. The small interactions when we look someone in the eye, wish them well, or the moment we select a piece of fruit a child will enjoy. Maybe some little chocolate bunnies, too…because you know…those baskets don’t fill themselves.

Wherever you walked today, I hope someone felt blessed by your presence. Or you by theirs.


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Holy Week: Tuesday 4/16/19–Will you “walk this week” with me?

(Two sisters and a stranger at a play area in town)

Sometimes our feet end up in an unexpected location. I didn’t plan to meet my grandchildren and daughter-in-law for breakfast this morning, but it was a nice surprise and change of pace.

While there, other children were playing, too. One, a little bit older, helped our little ones put their shoes on when it was time to go. I watched the interaction through a glass partition. I could see the kind body language, the thank you mouthed by my grandchild. The mutual smiles.

Kindness among strangers. Even young strangers…and that was a sweet moment to witness.

When was a stranger kind to you? Or you to them?

I hope you smiled, too. 🌟