"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

Saturday’s Snapshot: Do not drink and drive.

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You know how sometimes the days get super busy, and you can’t get it all done?

That’s lately.

But I’ll stop for this.

I beg you. Please do not drink and drive.

My best friend should be celebrating a birthday today. I should be giving her a hard time about her age. Emojis should be flying across texts. I should smile thinking I’m damn lucky to know someone like this.

Instead, I try to keep a rose bush alive to honor her memory.

I try to remember to live a lot for the both of us.

We have options, dear ones.

We have cabs and Ubers and all kinds of ways to avoid driving drunk.

So, please.

Thank you.

Author: agnestirrito

I write. Make art. And in between, I do the best I can. ✌🏼️

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