"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Friday’s Five—

A little different take this weekend~~~

Sometimes we take steps back and reevaluate.

We realize once again that we are not running one thing.

That space is an opportunity.

These past few days have reminded me that our regular lives don’t go away just because the world is in pandemic stage.

We still deal with daily concerns and problems , and then we look up to find that somehow a worldwide pandemic is in the mix.

What to do?

Well, I pray…but I am praying from afar, not in a church. Not for awhile. I know a lot of people see no benefit, but I have learned that prayer often changes things and people we may never know about. So, I pray.

I love…people who mean a lot to me are hopefully feeling my love for them from near and from thousands of miles away. Love is always a good choice.

I think…about so many scenarios. When that gets out of hand, I settle on the present. Make the brownies. Cook the soup. “Feed the people” has been my default for years. It does help because it keeps me busy and nourishes someone.

I rest…because we can only take so much in in a 24 hour period. I limit social media right now, and give myself quiet time. Oh, I’m still scrolling…just not constantly. I’ve learned I must disconnect from drama and do something else.

I hope…because that keeps the wheels turning. One day, this will be memory. Until then, watch for glimmers of light in the shadows.


Since I missed last week’s post, here are a few extra joys/really good things to think about as we navigate this new world:

children who ask to snuggle

poetry books with underlined passages

music on an old school record player


letters in mailboxes

Take care, dear readers. I’m going to keep deciding to look for the light. I hope you’ll join me here for a respite from the chaos when you can. 🌟

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Lent: Saturday Snapshot 3/16/2019

Today, the table pic is from a workshop where I’ve worked on watercolor for the past two days.

I think my palette was so vibrant at this particular moment. I was working on a variety of things and exercises, I and completely lost track of time. Wonderful feeling.

What are you doing when time flies? Maybe you might think of adding more of that to your life…

Happy Saturday everyone. (Tomorrow is a “free Lent day” but I think I’ll still find something to share. ☺️🙏🏼🌟

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Lent: Wednesday 3/13/2019

Well, I just edited previous post to reflect correct day (ha) because the time change obviously still has me disoriented. 🤣

Meanwhile, today took us away from the table to Shreveport, Louisiana. And guess what was waiting for me there?

It may not look like much to you, but it is a form of eucalyptus that I can actually plant in the ground and not always source from a florist’s refrigerator. The only one left for now. And the eco-dyer artist in me said AMEN and hallelujah (yes, I said hallelujah during Lent…and that’s a story for another day…)

The story today was one of friendship and laughter and lost time in nurseries and antique shops and gardens and museums and restaurants and bookstores and … goodness and hello universe connections that will continue to live in my mind for a long time.

Gifts of a day. I hope you found good gifts in your day today. The flower theme seems to be taking precedence this week here. I accept that with joy.

Tomorrow: I hope you’ll meet me at the table. I have another gift of the day to share. ❤️

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Friday’s Five

My mailbox has been filled with beautiful letters and cards lately. I’m hoping to return the favor soon. A whole day can brighten when a real letter is in the box. 🌟 Trying…

Hand sewing. Rebel stitches. Another India Flint class has begun, and the community of makers is a generous and talented bunch. It is so lovely to see women sharing and supporting one another in creative pursuits. Stitching…

A yard filled with jonquils and camellias. February has shown out with beautiful bouquets for the taking. My grandchildren collecting bouquets. Watching…

More opportunities for presenting various workshops and celebrating the creative spirit. Teaching…

Looking at this point in my life and knowing that it may last just a season, but it’s a good one. Living…

Happy belated Valentine’s Day. Love the you you are today. And if you haven’t already, do one little thing for yourself. Treat yourself well.

You’ll never regret it. Prioritizing…


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Friday’s Five

February 1:

Welcome, dear short and hopefully sweet month. You started off in good form, giving me lots of good news this day.

Have you ever had days where you seemed to say Thank you for things that other days you might overlook? That was me today.

Here are five of many:

The receptionist at a doctor’s office commented on a metal ring I wear. That led to a conversation about New Mexico (soul state, people…) and then she gave me tips for next trips because she used to live there. Ahhh. Then she reached into her purse and showed me a medicine bottle filled with bits of white sand from a location we discussed….all that because she noticed my ring. NM lovers don’t waste chances.

( She keeps that sand with her, y’all. Think about that. )

A lot of good talk which spilled over throughout the day and colored other interactions … because that’s how it is once we feel connected, isn’t it… we want others to feel it, too…

The jonquils are blooming…

…which made me think of my children and the many bouquets they used to pick… and how these three blooms will accompany me tomorrow to an art workshop I’m teaching…

and the red berries I don’t know the name of are still near my driveway, which makes my heart smile every single time…

…the birds are getting their fill…but that is as it should be. I get to get a glimpse and am glad for it.

While I was outside, I decided to pick up twigs for another project. That led me to find a favored pen I did not know I dropped earlier…the mundane things that are capable of bringing happiness…

Order is my focus word for the new year, and it is proving to be a good choice. An enlightening and challenging choice…and that is exactly what I need. It will be interesting to see how many things I can set into some semblance of order this year. I may need to keep this word for two years. Ha.

It is the month of love, dear readers. I celebrate by posting vintage valentines on FB… here’s tomorrow’s

pick. Little things…

How will you show love this month or minute?

I hope you show it, feel it, acknowledge it.

Not just in February. 🙂

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Friday’s Five

Re-establishing this weekly practice of listing…

Five good things from the past few days:

Watching my granddaughters delight in throwing rocks into our creek.

Bundling my grandmother’s heirloom roses onto silk scarves to see if I’ll get a print or dye.

Laughing as a child I tutor tries on my glasses.

Copying a poem a day into my little altered art book.

Opening the mailbox to find packages and letters from loved ones near and far.

Simple things that bring happiness. Truly, if we cannot be happy in our own self we cannot bring it to anyone else.

What makes you happy? I’d love to know…


Friday’s Five: December’s Gifts

…tiny gummed stars … they say old ways, old days, old sweet touches to tags and envelopes…

…sequins…I have not sewn a sequin onto anything in years, but I’m feeling that may change in the coming year. Felt and threads and little beads and sparkling sequins on something special…

…a mom and daughter were in a flea market today and they had chosen a beautiful yo-yo quilt. It was obvious they loved hand sewn things, too…little circles of fabric gathered and stitched together…a gift to be passed down through the years…

…background music…we have our own designated playlists this month…what carols and contemporary songs are “must listen-tos” for you?…

…pine and cedar and red berries and Christmas cactus and red bows on wreaths and lights on everything…

I am losing track of days…days that come and go so quickly…does any month go faster than this one? December.