"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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ICAD 2017: Creativity Abounds

Shout out to artist Brenda Leonard for her talent and generosity in painting portrait  cards for some of us who are participating in this year’s Index Card a Day Challenge. Tammy Garcia is the artist and creator of ICAD, and  the info for the challenge can be found on the  Daisy Yellow page on Facebook. Instagram users are posting the hashtag #dyicad2017. 

Give yourself a few minutes a day of “you time” and transform an ordinary index card into something new. 

This is my fourth year to participate as an Icadian and my goal is to become an ICAD Guru, completing all 61 cards in the challenge. 

My cards do not come close to the work below by Brenda Leonard, but the challenge is not a competition. It is an act of DOING, and when we can make that happen, more talent naturally emerges.

Come join us! It is one of the most encouraging and supportive art groups in FB land. 

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Friday’s Five

A new red wagon, a prior generation tricycle, a hand-it-down/pass-it-on bouncy horse. All these things litter the landscape of my yard these days. Beautiful litter. 

A spider I named Lucy. Spiders are easier to name when they are outside on their own turf. She’s set up house on the edge of last year’s wood pile. I’m interested to see if she stays.

Little hands helping me fill all of the bird feeders. This is serious work, folks. And the reward of watching an almost two year old jump with joy at a filled feeder…well. 

A special acquisition today: an art acquaintance posted a picture of an easel her artist dad built by hand. He’s passed on and  she is downsizing, so the easel was for sale. I’m sure I’ll post a pic of it here one day. I’m very honored to give it a new home here under the outside art space I’ve created. 

Seeing an 8 month old’s eyes follow everywhere her daddy (my son) goes. Watching her little hands flail with joy at his nearness. Hearing her sister call Daddy and hearing in that single  word all of the love and safety and goodness she feels. 

So much good. So much more than good. 

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Friday’s Five

The joys keep multiplying this week. I’ve been vacationing in New Mexico for the past several days. The beauty is breathtaking. The scenes–spectacular. Here are five special joys from the past week, in pictures. Street artists who let you buy affordable art, Georgia O’Keefe’s “special mountain”, teachers extraordinaire Elizabeth Bunsen and Orly Alverini, a street singer in Taos, and a working pallet from the artist Umi in Santa Fe . All inspiring. All reminders of opportunities and relationships and connections. I hope you find the awe in everyday. It’s everywhere.  

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Ghost Ranch Day 2

Eco-dyeing day. Elizabeth Bunsen was our featured instructor and she led us through a variety of processes for dyeing papers and silks. Using natural elements seems right, especially for the setting we are in. Art imitates life here.

I saw it again this evening on the first horseback ride I’ve taken in several years. The guide was terrific and as he told stories about the place and Georgia O’Keefe’s art, we could just look in any direction and see the inspiration she drew from every day.

Leaving the stable area, the sky was exploding into color. A different landscape every hour it seems. That’s the beauty of life here. 

Not much in the way of cell service, so I’ll try uploading picture another day. 

Memories of vibrancy today. Seeing colors change all day long in different settings. Precious days. 

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Open Your Eyes: A Lenten Journey 3/7/2017 (Tuesday)

I started a Lenten journal this year. So far, I’ve been able to get a few thoughts down each day. One thing I have learned about journaling (and writing in general) is that the most important thing is to show up and make your mark on the page. That act of intention will start the ball rolling and more ideas will come. Themes will emerge, ideas will get tested out, and surprises will make their way onto the lines, too.

Part of my journaling today is focused on a  prompt from #rethinkchurch. They posted 40 single word prompts and invited people to photo an illustration of that word. I decided to photograph my journal page for today’s word. That led me to think of other elements I might add to my pages this season. 

 I have found that art and writing are forms of prayer and praise, too. I am opening my eyes to all of the ways we can center our minds and focus on what is important. Join me…

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Friday’s Five

Abiqui. I spent a magical four days in New Mexico learning from mixed media artists Orly Alverini, Flora Bowley, Misty Mawn, and Katie Kendrick. Those days of soaking in mountain sunshine and moving papers and paint around to create something where nothing had been a few days earlier…well, that is my heart’s home and I loved it.

Air. As in cool air blowing in a sunroom that hasn’t seen AC since…ever. I can actually write and read and make art in this new space without melting like a box of crayons on a TX day…we have already seen 90+ degree days.

Baby steps. Sofia is off and running (almost) with several steps unassisted. And that is how fast we all grow up. Blink and everything changes. Go far and wide, sweet grandchild #1. Your sister will be here before the year is out and will take notes.

Ink. Alcohol inks in new bottles, calligraphy ink in a two sided pen, permanent distress ink to stamp messages on. New art on the way…

Leaf walk. Tammy Garcia’s yearly ICAD (Index Card a Day) challenge is about to begin again. It is a daily creative commitment to bring something new into being. A warm-up was to collect and sketch three leaves. I chose pecan, cypress, and Japanese maple. And there are stories within those choices. Stories to come.

The joy of beginnings…new steps in beautiful directions. Join me…