"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe


Friday’s Five

It’s been awhile, dear readers. Call it a year. But something in me is urging me to get back to this small practice of recording the moments, so here I am. I may be writing to only myself, and if that is the case, I’ve learned I’m pretty good company most days. Sometimes, though, I’m not. And those times alone are likely responsible for this return to noticing. So, I quote some version of a psalm when I say: in everything, give thanks. Even the times that make us say: “Girl, get on with it.”

Tonight, five marvelous moments from the week:

Baby Clara, who smiles and holds deep secrets in her infant giggles. I’m taking notes, honey. Actually, this may be your first appearance here. You have added such wonder and joy to my days.

That one college student who listens and contributes and makes you realize you have to be ready to learn. Until then, it’s just white noise. But oh, when you’re ready…it’s fab. I’m amazed at the potential among us all.

Prescription glasses. Thanks to them, I saw a deer two days in a row, so very near my home. I would have missed those sightings without those specs. If you don’t know, a deer in the wild is a graceful and breathtakingly beautiful being.

Patio time. This makes my lists every year, I’m aware. But I have a special friend who has stood with me through every storm…and every sunny day, like today. Laughter and presence. Thanks Dee.

Weekends. Need I say more? Here’s hoping yours is grand.

And, in case you’re new here, I just say things. I look for the light. Now and then I vent. Mostly, I’m grateful for the chance to try again.

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Easter Sunday 4/21/19

Easter joys.

There were so many.

But this pic sums up a lot of it.

The passing of time

New ways

Blended with old

A welcoming

A place to watch from

A time to celebrate

Green grass/ new life

Confetti still falling

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Lent: Thursday—3/14/2019

The post I planned for today changed because I became distracted by a terrific tutorial by @happilywego on Instagram.

A video link for you to make your own paper bag journal should you so desire:

This little project got me to thinking about generosity. How some people easily share ideas and tips and goodness with others. No strings.

A nice way to live in this world.

So, go grab a bag and a pair of scissors and make a simple book for yourself. You don’t have to sew it. Tape will work. You don’t have to paint it. Plain is ok.

Enjoy a few minutes of simplicity. See what ideas come to play around when you make the decision to create.

Repeat as often as you can. ✂️🖍📖

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A Lenten Invitation

I’m setting a table. Will you join me?

I have no idea where I’m going or even how long I’ll manage to keep it up ( the goal is until Easter), but you are welcome here in the chaos I’ve learned to call home.

I’d like to tell you I have everything sorted out, and that there will be deep reflections and perfectly curated verses and other nice things…

but the truth is, it’s just me. Here. Trying.

First day of Lent, 2019. My version of a new year. I like setting new goals, revisiting myself, making decisions that will hopefully help. Not necessarily me, I’ve learned. Sometimes the decision helps someone else. May it be so.


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Friday’s Five

I’m reminiscing tonight. Looking through old blog posts. Realizing how much happens that we sometimes remember, sometimes forget. I was happy to see many posts; sad to see I didn’t document anything here last January. So, in yet another determined phase, I offer my traditional Friday “five good things from the past few days” post.

…a text that says “patio”…and both of us knowing exactly where to meet, a place that’s seen us walk through every emotion. If we have just one patio friend, we are doing pretty well.

…camellias in bloom…prolific blooms this month and many buds…time to get more vases out. Maybe draw one or two–or paint a few.

…an orchid that makes her comeback…I nearly froze this one out two years ago, but it seems she has forgiven me. Sunlight, children’s voices, measured feedings, and maybe pure luck… she will likely bloom this year.

…busy days but days that have turned much happier…part time jobs I enjoy and where I feel valued, time to care for grandchildren, art opportunities, writing and travel time. I’m aware of the blessing of each day.

…collaborative journals…I have three going with three enormously special people. I hope to write more about this endeavor as the year goes on…and on it does go…

January is whooshing away MAYBE in a cloud of Texas snow…it’s likely next week…and so…here we go, dear readers. Looking for the good in every day…knowing we can find it…knowing the sharing of it might help someone else. ❄️💨❄️🤞🏼

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Sunday’s Song: Springtimes and Sunsets and Startovers

Fourth Sunday of Lent.

Yeah, that Lenten art book I bought with such good intentions? Unread.

The Scripture study I started a couple of Saturdays ago? Haven’t made it back.

Thinking a lot about seasons and cycles and how some things never change.

Decided to start reading through some old journals to help with a project I am working on.

Realized there in black and white that my themes stay constant.

Same ole songs, day in and out.

Was almost discouraged by that. The same things I hope to get better at or stop doing or start doing are there from months, even years ago. Sigh.

Decided to sit and sew for a little while. Let the silence still my mind.

Allowed the mindful repetition of threads turning into rows of pattern remind me that row after row, line after line, a story still takes shape.

Sometimes there are starts and stops and sidesteps. Sometimes there are repetitions.

Maybe there is a break in pattern and something interesting is sewn in. A contrast. Different color. Unique stitch.

Sometimes a mistake creeps in.

But like spring cycles back with its same ole flowers and crickets and fireflies, we still welcome it. We don’t expect something new from it…not really. We just want spring to be spring.

And those sunsets that mark the end of each day…sometimes they seem closer, brighter, dearer. Maybe it is not the sun, maybe it is the viewer.

So. Take stock of your life from time to time, but don’t look back too long.

See what there still is to do…so much!

And just begin again. And again. Until you realize all the same old words have shaped themselves into the story you want them to be.

Start again…

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Friday’s Five

This past week I sat with my friend D who reminded me yet again that it is time to write the book. The book she told me I needed to write when she found out I was getting ready to walk a terrible and tragic path. The book she brings up from time to time, but never more forcefully than this past week. You have the time now, friend. 

And, as most true friends have the tendency to be, she is right. So, in the spirit of internet accountability, I share my intention here. I also ask a favor of whatever  group of humans might read this post: pray for me, please. Pray that I will discipline myself to write daily, that I will write clearly and true, and that one day my words will find the right people and help them.

I know that God has a way of making the most amazing things happen, and I know He has set me up with time to write this year. He continues to put people in my path who show me this book is needed. He is persistent. 🙂

He has shown me that I have a tendency   to sabatoge my plans by letting myself get too busy. He gave me the gift of realizing that, and He keeps showing me in ways that only He can that now is the time. So, I humbly began writing out the first pages of thoughts and outlines and notes. 

I have a long way to go. A lot of word counts to meet. A lot of pages to turn. And rewrites. And edits. I am pretty sure this is not going to come easily. I am almost positive some of the remembering and reconstructing is going to be hard. 

But I am beginning in faith. I know if God intends for this book to be written, it will be written. I have committed to meet Him halfway in this and show up with the pencil. He has been patient on His end, but I know He has a sense of humor. Lately He’s been whispering the reminder that Look, we don’t have forever for this. Get on with it. 

He is the centerpiece of my story, my life, my “one day to be” book. 

I ask Him every day to let others see Him in me. He gave me a love for writing and words a long time ago. It seems He is going to let me use something I love to tell about what He can do for all of us. 

So, I still hope to post my weekly reasons for gratitude (probably the short form–unlike tonight’s bolded words), and I’ll of course let this page take whatever twist and turn seems fitting. One day, God willing, I’ll show up here to tell you the manuscript is ready. Then we’ll pray for a publisher. 

On second thought, go ahead and get busy on that prayer, too: agent/editor/publisher and anybody else I’m going to need. As God reminds me, it’s time to get this show on the road. 

Peace. Love. Action. Amen.