"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Friday’s Five—

A little different take this weekend~~~

Sometimes we take steps back and reevaluate.

We realize once again that we are not running one thing.

That space is an opportunity.

These past few days have reminded me that our regular lives don’t go away just because the world is in pandemic stage.

We still deal with daily concerns and problems , and then we look up to find that somehow a worldwide pandemic is in the mix.

What to do?

Well, I pray…but I am praying from afar, not in a church. Not for awhile. I know a lot of people see no benefit, but I have learned that prayer often changes things and people we may never know about. So, I pray.

I love…people who mean a lot to me are hopefully feeling my love for them from near and from thousands of miles away. Love is always a good choice.

I think…about so many scenarios. When that gets out of hand, I settle on the present. Make the brownies. Cook the soup. “Feed the people” has been my default for years. It does help because it keeps me busy and nourishes someone.

I rest…because we can only take so much in in a 24 hour period. I limit social media right now, and give myself quiet time. Oh, I’m still scrolling…just not constantly. I’ve learned I must disconnect from drama and do something else.

I hope…because that keeps the wheels turning. One day, this will be memory. Until then, watch for glimmers of light in the shadows.


Since I missed last week’s post, here are a few extra joys/really good things to think about as we navigate this new world:

children who ask to snuggle

poetry books with underlined passages

music on an old school record player


letters in mailboxes

Take care, dear readers. I’m going to keep deciding to look for the light. I hope you’ll join me here for a respite from the chaos when you can. 🌟

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Lent: Thursday—3/14/2019

The post I planned for today changed because I became distracted by a terrific tutorial by @happilywego on Instagram.

A video link for you to make your own paper bag journal should you so desire:

This little project got me to thinking about generosity. How some people easily share ideas and tips and goodness with others. No strings.

A nice way to live in this world.

So, go grab a bag and a pair of scissors and make a simple book for yourself. You don’t have to sew it. Tape will work. You don’t have to paint it. Plain is ok.

Enjoy a few minutes of simplicity. See what ideas come to play around when you make the decision to create.

Repeat as often as you can. ✂️🖍📖

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Friday’s Five

This past week I sat with my friend D who reminded me yet again that it is time to write the book. The book she told me I needed to write when she found out I was getting ready to walk a terrible and tragic path. The book she brings up from time to time, but never more forcefully than this past week. You have the time now, friend. 

And, as most true friends have the tendency to be, she is right. So, in the spirit of internet accountability, I share my intention here. I also ask a favor of whatever  group of humans might read this post: pray for me, please. Pray that I will discipline myself to write daily, that I will write clearly and true, and that one day my words will find the right people and help them.

I know that God has a way of making the most amazing things happen, and I know He has set me up with time to write this year. He continues to put people in my path who show me this book is needed. He is persistent. 🙂

He has shown me that I have a tendency   to sabatoge my plans by letting myself get too busy. He gave me the gift of realizing that, and He keeps showing me in ways that only He can that now is the time. So, I humbly began writing out the first pages of thoughts and outlines and notes. 

I have a long way to go. A lot of word counts to meet. A lot of pages to turn. And rewrites. And edits. I am pretty sure this is not going to come easily. I am almost positive some of the remembering and reconstructing is going to be hard. 

But I am beginning in faith. I know if God intends for this book to be written, it will be written. I have committed to meet Him halfway in this and show up with the pencil. He has been patient on His end, but I know He has a sense of humor. Lately He’s been whispering the reminder that Look, we don’t have forever for this. Get on with it. 

He is the centerpiece of my story, my life, my “one day to be” book. 

I ask Him every day to let others see Him in me. He gave me a love for writing and words a long time ago. It seems He is going to let me use something I love to tell about what He can do for all of us. 

So, I still hope to post my weekly reasons for gratitude (probably the short form–unlike tonight’s bolded words), and I’ll of course let this page take whatever twist and turn seems fitting. One day, God willing, I’ll show up here to tell you the manuscript is ready. Then we’ll pray for a publisher. 

On second thought, go ahead and get busy on that prayer, too: agent/editor/publisher and anybody else I’m going to need. As God reminds me, it’s time to get this show on the road. 

Peace. Love. Action. Amen. 

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Open Your Eyes: A Lenten Journey 4/12/17 (Wednesday)

Holy Week.

Today I marvel at the people I encountered.

Book lovers like me at a local college event. Take all the books you want. Help us out here. My kind of place! I loaded up on books that I’ll have fun repurposing into art journals. I found some good reads in the stacks as well. And it was so beautiful this morning…a perfect temperature and light breeze among the trees as readers like myself took our time browsing.

A knitting friend I’ve known for about three years. We meet weekly at s local  yarn shop to laugh and create and enjoy our retired moments of freedom to do things we like. The shop owners have adjusted their summer hours, but they kept our time open. I’m pretty sure  they did that for us. 🙂 

A teacher friend I’ve known for several years. We are both teaching night classes at the same college, and we generally get to visit for a few minutes before class. She watched my latest grand baby video. I got to see some family pictures of her dad and a special gift he made for her recently. We both recognize the preciousness of shared moments like this: moments we celebrate the happinesses of life with others.

My W night college Comp  class. They were full of energy and conversation tonight. It is fulfilling to see 22 adults from all walks of life interact and laugh and learn together. I always leave smiling.

The pizza maker. Thanks for that pick up window ready-to-go dinner. 

Ordinary encounters with everyday people. Strangers and familiar folks come in and out of our lives every day. 

Beautiful beings. We get to be part of that network of humanity. We get to choose to be beautiful. What a gift. 

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Saturday’s Snapshot: Read/Relax

Today was a day for walks (hence the blue jay feather) and for reading.
It’s been months since I spent the better part of a day reading, but that’s what I did today. My location changed throughout the day, but this book was one that wanted to be finished today.
So, a little catch up in my future tomorrow…but that’s ok, too.
The Fault in our Stars by John Green is on my keepers list. The characters, the story, the message will stay with me for awhile.