"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe


Friday’s Five— July 24, 2020

People who know me best known I think in “Christmas Time” all year. I am not sure when it started, but when the months turn or the days click by, my mind defaults to how many months/weeks/days til Christmas. So, today, if you did not know, we are five short months away from Christmas Eve, one of my favorite days of the year. The expectation. The flurry. The busy making things sweet for loved ones. Oh, I love it so. And now, I know, months ahead of time, that this holiday will look unlike any I have ever experienced. So, I am preparing myself mentally day by day.

Are you preparing yourself for some unknown? I guess we all are, really. I just wrap mine in “Christmas” and know I need to prepare myself for what is different, for now.

But in the preparing, there is hope. I do not have a “fix it” kind of brain…mine more or less just runs in “whatever” mode most of the time. But sometimes, ideas come. Unexpected connections. Like today.

I was showing a friend an old journal sketch (virtual chat) when my eyes landed on these words from July 2016: make altar.

Really, I was taken aback…because just a few months ago I decided to make a home altar. It has become an important part of my home. Prayers are written and placed there, statues gathered, candles lit. There are many private prayers from friends who requested them, and ones I write and place, carefully.

In that roughly five foot space, there are answered prayers, prayers I place with a tear in my eye, prayers I offer with solid belief.

But until today, I did not realize I had thought of creating this home prayer space so long ago. A quick flip through the pages of that old journal showed me other similarities between then and now…much to contemplate.

Anyway, allllll that to say one of the great gifts of this week was looking back. Realizing some deep truths. Knowing that we make progress, in spite of ourselves.

That’s three, if you are counting.

I add these: gratefulness and wonder.

Lately, I have recognized that I need to put a thank you card on the altar…and it is overflowing. Because prayers DO get answered. And they should be acknowledged.

Wonder? Because I am amazed daily at the connections the universe sends. The unspoken affirmations. The feelings. The knowing. And I bow in adoration at that. Because there is something much bigger than us at work. I hope you know it. I hope you feel it in your own way. I hope you keep looking for it. It will find you.

Peace, dear people. These are terrible days, I know. But within the truth of that, there is a truth maybe we have forgotten or one we are about to see. It might come to you randomly, if you believe in random.

I decided a few days ago that my altar/mantle/prayer space was staying out all year. I picture it at Christmas with pine and berries and little votives, flickering.

I picture it with more answered prayers. ❤️

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Christmas in July

I am a lover of all things Christmas, and with today being July 25, that is what is on my mind. My friend Wendy and I keep each other in check with Facebook postings once each month, reminding each other that December 25 is indeed on its way. Today I beat her to the first post with three words: “five golden rings.” It is a way for us to stay connected since she lives in Tennessee and I am in Texas. It is a way to think ahead to glimmering lights on trees and tinsel and giving. It is a way to think of others. My mom loved Christmas the same way I do. She gave my sister and me this same little plaque several years ago. I’m not sure about my sis, but my reminder never gets put away. It has a place of honor next to photographs and other treasures. Dickens speaks to me every day. When I follow his simple message, life gets back in sync.