"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Saturday Snapshot 4/13/19

In between morning storms, I stepped outside to see a beautiful egret take flight. Never fails to take my breath away.

Simplicity. Grace. Freedom. Flight.


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Lent-Sunday 5/ Seeds and Storms

I’m writing this as thunder continues to rattle the windows of my little house. It’s been a strange weather day…stormy, sunny, stormy…like a record on repeat.

In between storms but accompanied by distant thunder, I transplanted this little camellia

this morning.

That’s it in front of a weathered brick that was part of my folks’ old farmhouse porch. The camellia “volunteered” this year…one lone shoot in front of a towering bush that’s been on the place for about a century. Yeah. They like it here.

So, off I went to dig it up because we have had rain. A lot of it. But even though we have, it was no easy thing digging this baby up. The root system was not what I expected. It was horizontal and spread out several inches in both directions.

Finally, though, I met success, and the new seedling starts its new life at the beginning of my driveway. There are plenty of pine needles and similar soil to where it had been living a few hundred yards away, so hopefully I’ll see growth in this new location.

All the while digging, pulling, chopping, and cajoling this plant to release its first home, I thought how many of us are just like that. Fixed. Solid. Secure. No problem. Growing fine.

But…how about a little change? Total fight. Ha

Maybe I’m thinking too deep. It’s just a plant, after all. But it made me happy to dig it up and move it to a place where it can shine on its own. And even this wacky weather blessed it by holding back the rain until I closed the back door. Then? Torrential rain ensued.

I took it as a hearty Amen. 🌱 🌧

What are you planting this season? I hope it grows well. ❤️

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Saturday’s Snapshot: Stop for a Sunset

Sometimes the simplest things give us the most joy.

From time to time, an old friend and I simply text one another a sunset pic. It is a tradition that evolved, like friendships do. That same friend celebrated with me tonight. We shared nachos and didn’t think too much about calories. We just enjoyed the delicious food.

Enjoying the moments we are given is important every day, but especially so in Lent.

It may be a time of fasting from some things, but I hope we never fast from seeing the joy in little things.

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Lent/ Thursday 3/28/19 Look

When was the last time you took five minutes to really look at something you take for granted everyday? The grass beneath your feet? The seat on the subway? The pillow you’ll hopefully rest your head on tonight?

Really look.

This tiny patch of ground enamored my grandchildren today. They saw more in five minutes than most people see in five days/weeks/years. Because everything is still interesting. The world is filled with movement and wonder and life in all its stages.

Our Lenten table seems to have an outdoor theme this week. Good. It is spring, after all. ✅

Look. ❤️

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Lent: Wednesday 3/13/2019

Well, I just edited previous post to reflect correct day (ha) because the time change obviously still has me disoriented. 🤣

Meanwhile, today took us away from the table to Shreveport, Louisiana. And guess what was waiting for me there?

It may not look like much to you, but it is a form of eucalyptus that I can actually plant in the ground and not always source from a florist’s refrigerator. The only one left for now. And the eco-dyer artist in me said AMEN and hallelujah (yes, I said hallelujah during Lent…and that’s a story for another day…)

The story today was one of friendship and laughter and lost time in nurseries and antique shops and gardens and museums and restaurants and bookstores and … goodness and hello universe connections that will continue to live in my mind for a long time.

Gifts of a day. I hope you found good gifts in your day today. The flower theme seems to be taking precedence this week here. I accept that with joy.

Tomorrow: I hope you’ll meet me at the table. I have another gift of the day to share. ❤️

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Lent: Tuesday 3/12/2019

Tonight, a poem and a flower. If it weren’t dark, I would bring in a branch for our table. Another goal. Soon. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll think of gifts of words and blooms. Both vehicles of creation…🌟🌟


You said, take a few dry

sticks, cut the ends slantwise

to let in water, stick them

in the old silver cup on the

dresser in the spare room and

wait for the touch of Easter.

But a cold wave protected the 

snow, and the sap’s pulse beat 

so low underground I felt no

answer in myself except silence.

You said, winter breaks out in

flowers for the faithful and

today when I opened the door

the dry stick spoke in little

yellow stars and I thought 

of you.

~James Hearst