"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Friday’s 5: August 21, 2020

Today I’m doing a quick flip back…a look through my journal from the past week. Let my eyes land on five random moments and let them live happily here. Memories of goodness from the previous week.

Oddly, I am writing this entry super early in the day. Not so oddly, my schedule is always a bit off in August. I started teaching part time this week. The back to work time generally spins routines around a bit.

This week, it was a literal spin with the unwelcome visitor Vertigo showing up. We all say of course by now. Another #2020 eye roll. Thankfully, I have a set of exercises for that, so it passed quickly and I made it through the day with no problems. Count every good as a win, my friends. And, when we feel good, let’s remember to be grateful, too. Noted. I am planning to do quite a few little things today…things that I couldn’t do if the room was spinning. So, I am grateful.✅

I sat outside a lot this summer, and I hope to continue that practice for as long as I can. Waiting quietly in nature solves a lot of problems and opens our eyes to new possibilities. Sometimes I write outside, or knit, or make art. Mostly, I sit and watch. Time well spent. ✅

The pumpkin seeds I planted last month have taken off, and I learned their lesson: they open their beautiful blooms early in the day. If you wait too long, they are still pretty, but different. I guess I never realized all the adjustments nature makes minute by minute. ✅

My niece left a mailbox surprise this week: zinnia seeds for a future day! So kind…and as I look out toward my happy flower patch this season, I think I will cut a bouquet to celebrate that on this Friday, there is still plenty of beauty around…both in the thoughtfulness of others and in the joy to come. ✅

Finally, I started a new part time job this week. I am a teacher in the adult education program in my town, and I help students work toward their ESL or HSE certificates. As always, meeting my students and learning about them has started this season off well. They showed up in masks, but the masks did not conceal their determination and grit. They have goals. They are ready to work. I am ready to help them. ✅

Have a terrific weekend, dear readers. Find a moment or more to get outside and find the healing in nature. Surprise someone. Pick a flower. Plant a seed. Help someone learn. Live in grateful wonder. ❤️


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Friday’s Five—June 12, 2020

This day has felt like a Saturday. That’s good. My mind has been thinking of beautiful things to share here tonight, and as always, they come:

I did not expect to bring out the finger-paints with 9 month old Clara, but that happened. We both giggled and made faces and held a moment of light between us. Secret spaces where so much happens in just seconds…to really capture it in words might take a lifetime. Here is our collaboration:

Art by Clara, age 9 months.
(a collaboration with Loulou)

My little tomato garden is growing. Sofia and Emma happily tend to it on the days they are here. This week, though, brought us a

new something to watch in awe and delight:

Baby Cardinals in progress
June 2020 ❤️

Worlds of conversation and questions and explanations and excitement ensued.

Long walks were the norm this week. Welcome. And, one day, a 60 degree morning in June. In Texas. Respites. Reasons to believe things will improve. Noticing. All the things that I have been too busy to see, I see.

My son mowed a path in the woods this week so that I can get to those gorgeous cape jasmine I mentioned in my last post. I smell them from my walk, yards away. Glorious.

Extra pages in my journal this week. More writing time. More things that work themselves out within the lines of notebooks. The awareness that when we decide to do something, the world makes room.

I think I’m past five now, but I must include this dragonfly. She has become my new friend of late.

I stand amazed as she waits for me to get a shot. I thank her. She flits and flies and returns. Again and again. Day after day. I am certain she wants me to try again tomorrow. To keep trying. She is a patient teacher.

Dragonfly who deserves a name
June 2020

I understand more about Mary Oliver and so many other poets who walked deeper into a world that others barely see.

It is amazing what we see when we look.

I hope you will look this week. Look for the spaces that offer you respite. Sink into them in silence and let them take you to a world you will name when you find the words. It may take a lifetime. That’s ok.

A short afterthought and request~~~

Be well, dear readers. And if you will, lift up a man named Seth. Just one “please heal him” will do. He is the husband of a lifelong friend, and he is facing a medical battle. I believe in the power of intention. He needs us. Thank you. 🌟


Friday’s Five

Tonight I’m remembering another time in my past when I made a determined and conscious effort to keep blogging, to keep writing even though the world I was in seemed to be (and was) spinning out of control.

I’ve often looked back at that time and wondered why I felt that I had to write, what was it about that act that somehow centered me. I understand it is control. This is one tiny way of making order out of mess.

For me, this act of writing and documenting is also an act of defiance. It is the I will look for and find joy in the midst of out of kilter days. I have that power.

I celebrated a birthday a few days ago, and while some might think that this is a terrible time for a celebration, I disagree. I’m glad my family and friends disagreed, too, because they brightened my day in many special and memorable ways.

We really get to choose more than we realize. I choose to keep looking for the light.

Here, a few of those bright light moments…

“Snow glows” and woodpeppers” —Emma’s words for dandelions and woodpeckers as we wander outside for walks …

“I want to write in your journal” Sofia tells me and then takes letter dictation for the words she’s wanting to record—-I recognize this as the gift it is…

That little orchid I bought in Sara’s honor a couple of weeks ago is getting much love and attention from her nieces. Something to care for gives us direction.

Visiting cardinals…they have returned, and I am able to give them lots more attention now that I work from home these days. I moved part of my work area to the sunporch so the outside is never far from view.

Photographs…old and new and the treasure of reliving the moments.

“Snow glows” and wishes ❤️

Keep wishing and watching and reveling in the days you are given.

Stay safe, dear readers. Stay home if you can. 🌟


Friday’s Five

I don’t know, folks. This is a biggie.

I can list five good things from the week …and I will…but first I need to say a couple of things.

It’s hard to look for the good when the whole WORLD is facing the same problem:Covid-19. This week has been a mental challenge. I see how my friends and family are adjusting to a new way of life. Nothing is easy. We all cope in different ways.


While I do indeed look for the good, I’ve also seen people spend time looking for various supplies this week. World: stop hoarding…and thank you to the postal worker who brought hand sanitizer out from behind the counter so I could use it. This is her third bottle—the prior two “disappeared”—yes, really. That is what we have become.

On a better note, she now wears gloves that do not fall off because a regular customer saw she was wearing oversized gloves secured with rubber bands and brought her a pair that actually fit. These are people handling our mail. Answering our questions. Moving our boxes. Connecting us with loved ones. Surely, they deserve gloves that fit.

So many heroes. We have power to be heroes. Will we? Will you?

Ok. Five beautiful moments from this “not so beautiful” week for our world:

—my son and his family playing Red Light, Green Light as if it were any ordinary weekend night…little children delighting in counting and laughing and moving game pieces with their mommy and daddy.

—Skype sessions with my across the world daughter. I feel the distance so strongly these days, but I’m so grateful for the technology that allows us to stay connected.

—the postal service. They are a lifeline connecting so many of us. There is such beauty in receiving a real letter. Join me in writing more during this time, if you wish.

—the kindnesses of strangers including doors held open, eyes that meet in understanding, and simple smiles as we navigate our new lives from six feet (or more) apart.

—the tiny orchid that whispered Buy me this week when I made that last grocery trip for awhile. My daughter’s birthday is coming, and she doesn’t know it yet, (unless she happens to read it here), but her mom decided to buy that plant and nurture it in her honor throughout the coming days/weeks/months.

To end tonight—-

One of my granddaughters peered out across my yard of spent jonquils yesterday and looked at me in dismay. “Where did they all go, Loulou? All the flowers?” I explained how there is a season for everything. “They’ll come back” I answered.

Just like us, dear readers. Just like us. ❤️

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Easter Sunday 4/21/19

Easter joys.

There were so many.

But this pic sums up a lot of it.

The passing of time

New ways

Blended with old

A welcoming

A place to watch from

A time to celebrate

Green grass/ new life

Confetti still falling

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April 20, 2019 Saturday’s Snapshot //Remember When

More than fifty years have passed since this pic was taken, but I still have the little basket. I remember my aunt’s living room as a place of many celebrations.

Someone made sure my sister and I had pretty hats and smocked dresses. Thanks, Mama. There was a yard full of beautifully dyed hard boiled eggs to discover. I’m chomping at the bit to get to them. 🤣

May the memories you make this Easter be filled with the anticipation and joy that is still in you. Bring it back. Revel in the new day. 🌞


Holy Week 2019, Monday: Will You Walk “This Week” with Me?

(Me, before an evening class. Hope, Arkansas.)

At the beginning of this day, I had an idea. Then Notre Dame came falling down in flames, and really…well, fill in the blank…because if you’re alive on this planet, you surely know this structure is iconic. A terrible day to mark down in history, truly. And somehow, it seems to be worse that this happened as we begin Holy Week in the Christian world.

But, as I went about my day and continued to ponder what I want to do that is meaningful this week, my first idea still stands.

Let’s walk together. This Holy Week. Will you join me? Walk anywhere, post a picture if you’re so moved, or just join in anonymously. That’s good, too. 🙏🏼

Walk with me, knowing we know nothing. We know nothing about what is around the bend. We walk. We write a line about it. We live and learn. We listen.

We all saw that play out in flashing fire today.

But before I knew what I know now, what was beyond my immediate control, I walked.

I started early, and was greeted by not one, but four cardinals on the rocky road near my house. This sighting truly lifted my heart, and at that moment, I did not know that half a world away, Notre Dame was engulfed in flames.

I returned to the house, saw the news, and of course my heart fell.

“…but the gates of hell shall not prevail against it…” kept ringing in my ears, and the voices of the Parisian people lifted in unison as their cathedral burned…their joining as one voice moved me to remember that the human spirit cannot be touched. We can always fly. Always.

Just like those morning birds…

Then, as I was leaving for work, my older dog was barking nonstop, warning me of an unexpected visitor. Huge snake. The symbolism is not lost on me.

Everywhere, some kind of turmoil. Daily.

So, lots was on my mind as I arrived at my next stop. More symbolism: Hope is where I work on Mondays. And tonight, I walked there, too.

I walked a short paved path that I always think I will, but never do. But today was different. I walked and prayed for Parisians, for firefighters, for travelers. For those who hoped to visit a beautiful place of worship, and for those who won’t get to see that dream come true…not in the way they hoped.

And I realized yet again, we are all here for only a minute, then we are gone. Nothing is sure except our spirits.

So, I’m walking into this week with no preconceived ideas. Just walking and listening to what might need to be said. Will you join me?

Let’s see where we might walk tomorrow…

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Saturday’s Snapshot: Stop for a Sunset

Sometimes the simplest things give us the most joy.

From time to time, an old friend and I simply text one another a sunset pic. It is a tradition that evolved, like friendships do. That same friend celebrated with me tonight. We shared nachos and didn’t think too much about calories. We just enjoyed the delicious food.

Enjoying the moments we are given is important every day, but especially so in Lent.

It may be a time of fasting from some things, but I hope we never fast from seeing the joy in little things.