"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe


Friday’s Five

A day at home. Even though I retired almost a year ago, days like this are rare. I plugged in the tree lights, smiled at the boxes of decorations still waiting, and turned up the Christmas music.
It rained most of the day.
I had projects to finish for different jobs. I did that and in between ran loads of laundry and knitted a new scarf order for a customer.
The day flew by, but December days have a way of doing that.
I’m in my favorite red chair, wrapped up in a new quilted blanket I bought “from my mom”. Every year since she died, I buy something that would give her joy to give to me.
I hung blue lights this year. First time for that, but Sam loved them, and I wanted his spirit near. I’ve learned to act on my ideas. Those blue lights give me a lot of joy. Sweet memories.
Five good things from this busy week of the last month of the year.
Find the joy in simplicity. It’s there…


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Friday’s Five

Five of the many good things from this past week:

My daughter’s message that she’s coming home to visit. This time next week, she’ll be here…

Letters my students wrote to Kimberly Willis Holt…and her offer to Skype with those writers soon…

The clerk named Bill in Hobby Lobby who talked to me about crazy quilt patterns and wrote down a multiplication story for my students…

Jodie’s gift of framed poetry and stories remembered…

Last Saturday’s mail delivery of fibers and bright yarns…

There’s always room for more good. Dear readers, if you’d like to list your own blessings, feel free.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique


I struggled with this challenge. I look for the unique every day…am drawn to it in people, places, objects.

Looked through dozens of pictures and decided this baby quilt would work.
I abandoned most rules for this one. It didn’t matter if the seams matched well or not.
I just wanted something vibrant and
joyful. And a little unexpected.