"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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ICAD 2017: Creativity Abounds

Shout out to artist Brenda Leonard for her talent and generosity in painting portrait  cards for some of us who are participating in this year’s Index Card a Day Challenge. Tammy Garcia is the artist and creator of ICAD, and  the info for the challenge can be found on the  Daisy Yellow page on Facebook. Instagram users are posting the hashtag #dyicad2017. 

Give yourself a few minutes a day of “you time” and transform an ordinary index card into something new. 

This is my fourth year to participate as an Icadian and my goal is to become an ICAD Guru, completing all 61 cards in the challenge. 

My cards do not come close to the work below by Brenda Leonard, but the challenge is not a competition. It is an act of DOING, and when we can make that happen, more talent naturally emerges.

Come join us! It is one of the most encouraging and supportive art groups in FB land. 

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Friday’s Five

The joys keep multiplying this week. I’ve been vacationing in New Mexico for the past several days. The beauty is breathtaking. The scenes–spectacular. Here are five special joys from the past week, in pictures. Street artists who let you buy affordable art, Georgia O’Keefe’s “special mountain”, teachers extraordinaire Elizabeth Bunsen and Orly Alverini, a street singer in Taos, and a working pallet from the artist Umi in Santa Fe . All inspiring. All reminders of opportunities and relationships and connections. I hope you find the awe in everyday. It’s everywhere.  

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Santa Fe meanderings

Today’s impressions…








good vibes

I stood in an area of Canton Road and touched a $27,000 statue of Ghandi. I received a text from my son where are you now and that was so cool because I had just thought of him that same second. I need to send him a pic of this. And there he was, virtually with me. 

Coincidences. Connections. Whatever you label it, it was cool. 


Friday’s Five

The little boy in the parking lot. I did not get to see his face; I only saw his red cape fluttering behind him on this windy day. He was holding his mom’s hand. And he  made it safely to his car.

The lady at the vehicle registration who asked me if I realized my tags expired last May. Have you been stopped for expired tags, ma’am? No, I have not. 

A trip to the vet with my daughter’s dog. I had the harness on in such a way it made the assistant laugh. Doing the best I can, Lady. We all need to laugh more.

A recent art trip to Houston. Lisa Sonora taught one of her courses Dreaming on Paper and the women in our class painted and cut and glued and wrote. It was beautiful. 

Little free libraries. I’ve seen them on my travels before, but last Sunday I stopped at every one I saw. The effort people make to improve the world. That matters.

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Friday’s Five

1. See that cardinal? It was a welcome visitor this week, and I was lucky to get this shot through the window.


2. Texas weather. High in 60s today. Tomorrow? 40s. That means a possibility of a fire in the wood burning stove. And homemade soup. (That’s 3 things. Oh well.)

3.  I began the Documented Life Project 2016 with several other art friends. It’s a creative promise I made and it will be fun to see how it evolves. 

 4. Knit shawl in progress. Almost off the needles !

5. This sweetie turned 5 months yesterday. Saved the best for last this week.


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Friday’s Five

Estate sale  finds: among them, a tiny, worn porcelain faced doll that needs a remake. She’s going to like her new art loving home. 

Old photographs and journal entries: glad to find both this week. There’s nothing like holding a moment in time within your hands.

Two Texas snows within just a few days of one other: the latest one brought ice with it, but it also brought sunlight sparkled drifts. Blink and you missed it, but it was here for a day.

Muses: they’ve been visiting and the ideas are coming pretty steady. Thank God for the arts and  all they bring.

Piano performance: a friend played for a university event this week and I was able to 1)be there in the middle of the day; 2)support a good friend; 3) leave changed…music has its ways.

So much good. Enjoy the changing  gifts of the days. Be open to every possibility…


Friday’s Five

Yes, I realize it’s Saturday. That’s ok. I still have five good things to remember today and I’m going to write about them here and now. No silly rules about where and when matter.

That is my #1 this week: the joy of knowing it’s ok to be late sometimes–and not to be bound by self imposed rules that don’t matter. Be kind to yourself! You’re probably doing the best you can.

#2 : going into The Swoonerie (a wonderful artisan marketplace that has a mission spirit) and seeing handmade hearts attached to a prayer board. My daughter’s name was on one of those fluttering hearts. Why? Because the owner (Pam) prays for my child after only knowing her for a few months. She treats her like family. Because God connects us with people in many and wondrous ways.
Another name was on that board: Frank. I don’t personally know the Frank that the owner does, but I have two precious Franks in my life: my daddy who died in 1974 and my nephew, who just moved to Chicago to start a new chapter in his life. Seeing that name brought to mind two people I love, and I prayed for them right then–prayers of thanksgiving for a good and loving father–and prayers of direction and protection for my nephew–in the unexpected setting of a store.

And another blessing of course. I’ll call it #3: the inspiration that came from that moment. Seeing that simple cork board with a handmade cross near the bottom. Inked words inviting prayer. Hand cut paper hearts fluttering on tiny pins–names on front, intentions on back that only the Pray-er (Pam) knows.
I’m starting my own prayer board this weekend because of that moment. I hope you will start one, too.

#4: “Put the baby on first.”
Pam’s words to me made me smile for so many reasons. She knows I’m expecting a grandchild in August. She is expecting one in the next few months as well. We pray for good and joyful reasons. She knows this too.
The connections we make as humans are so important. I’m so glad I have been given the gift of knowing that. Pam’s name will also be on my board.

#5: names. Names that will come to me today as I cut out simple paper hearts from art paper. Names of people I’ve known for decades. And names of those I’ve only met recently. Each name gives me a story. A reason to pray. I’m looking forward to standing in front of my prayer board at times throughout the day and stopping to give thanks and lift these people in prayer. I’ve had a journal for years, and that is a blessing. But this is a new blessing: an open and constant reminder — and an invitation to all who might happen here to see.

I hope you are as blessed by simple paper hearts as much as I am. It’s really the perfect time as we enter the month of love, isn’t it?
God bless you, my readers. You’ll have a special heart on my board, too.