"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Lent//Monday 4/8/2019 Walking in Wonder

Only people who understand synchronicity will understand this post fully.

I do not understand how or why things happen the way they do, but I know when I am walking on a path that is right. I recognize it within the pages of this book…

Bits of paint and coffee stains on the outside. Inside, almost every page I’ve read so far has an underline or note I’ve written. I decided tonight it’s destined for the re-read pile, and I’m not even halfway in.

Not because it’s hard reading. It’s easy. It’s beautiful. Poetic. Deep, but deep like a comforting blanket or warm sunshine on your back that you feel is just right. The kind of book you dole out to yourself in pieces because you want it to last.

When I chose this book at the beginning of Lent, I did not know William Stafford’s words would greet me here…or Wendell Berry’s…or sweet Saint Therese. And who knows who else because the surprises keep coming. But as I say: synchronicity.

Tonight, I read a section on landscape. Without any mention of it in the text, I was in my beloved New Mexico. I felt transported by John O’Donohue ‘s words. Maybe if you read it, the words will take you to a different landscape, a place that is your place of knowing.

O’Donohue writes:

“…there is no repetition in a landscape. Every stone, every tree, every field is a different place. When your eye begins to become attentive to this panorama of differentiation, then you realize what a privilege it is to actually be here.”

Walk in wonder.


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Friday’s Five

A review of five of the week’s gifts:

One, quite surprising:
A person from my past crossed my path, found herself telling me all of the drama going on in her life, and then stopped mid sentence to tell me what a good listener I was.
I have to smile at that because even I know nothing could be further from the truth. I have to really work at paying attention. But, maybe God decided to show me it is possible.

My friend D and I are reading One Month to Live by Kerry and Chris Shook. We are off schedule because it’s designed to be read in one month, after all. But we are lenient with one another. I hope we always have a book we are reading together. I highly recommend it as a way of staying connected and honoring the gift of friendship.

Speaking of friendship, my pen pal for forty plus years and I have decided it’s getting time to meet in person. Can you imagine what that will be like? We are proof you can form a precious bond with someone you’ve never met. Our letters are a lifelong diary of sorts. It’s amazing to think we may really meet.

I sat on another friend’s porch this week and learned the process of mosaic work. The result was beautiful, but I was most struck by the fact that several of my friends are artistically gifted and each one of them shares that gift freely. There is a level of self assurance in that, and I like being around it.

Finally, porches and pets. A summer ritual has been spending at least part of each day outside, either noticing nature or feeling the porch tile under my bare feet. The trio of dogs shows up without fail, each one getting her moment of ball throwing, ear scratching, or belly rubbing. I just sit without rushing and realize the gift of that. A swallowtail usually flutters by. Today, a hummingbird made her return visit to the red geranium on the front steps. Peaceful moments. Gifts.
Find yours.
God bless…

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Saturday’s Snapshot: Read/Relax

Today was a day for walks (hence the blue jay feather) and for reading.
It’s been months since I spent the better part of a day reading, but that’s what I did today. My location changed throughout the day, but this book was one that wanted to be finished today.
So, a little catch up in my future tomorrow…but that’s ok, too.
The Fault in our Stars by John Green is on my keepers list. The characters, the story, the message will stay with me for awhile.