"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Friday’s Five: May 29, 2020

Now folks, my heart is heavy over the brutal murder of George Floyd. I invite you to join me as you read here to stop, pause, think of him as the whole man he was. Honor his life. His memory.

Please join me tonight in prayer for five people you know. If you can, make those five be African Americans. Maybe they are your friends, family, colleagues, folks you know from a distance. Maybe they are total strangers.

Picture them. Pray for them. Wish them courage, strength, resolve, and protection. Wish them help in needs that maybe we cannot fathom because we cannot understand their walk unless we have lived it.

Tomorrow? Repeat.

At some point, you will discover what you can do. It may seem to be the smallest thing. If it is a good thing, do it.


It is not enough. But friends, it will never be enough. Start where you are. Adopt a fellow human. Do not give up on the goodness that does exist in this world.

Curse the bad, be enraged, shed those tears. Then get up and decide to support the people who need us.

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Lent 2019–Day4–3/9/2019 A Matter of TIME

Sometimes it’s good to take a look at our days. Make a new grid. Design a new way of looking at them. Write in the non-negotiables. You know: eating/sleeping/Netflix ☺️.

See how much time we really have to do something new…or something we used to enjoy. See how much time we (dare I say it) waste.

Look at that new grid and live with it for a week or so. Decide where we can eliminate something for just an hour a day. Just 30 minutes. Then adjust. Again and again until we are living a more (fill in your own blank) life.

That’s where I am this first week of Lent. Deciding. Trying. And admitting it is not easy, so I must be on a good track for me.

No one should dictate our free time activities, but now and then it might help to see if what we choose is benefiting us or holding us back.

Today’s “new found” time is leading me into a scary art studio space. You think I’m joking. I am not. I may have to pray for time to stand still in there for a little while. I expect to learn and re-learn some lessons about order in there.

Good luck on whatever your time is telling you to do. 🌟🌟

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Friday’s Five…Plus Five

I missed posting last week, but it was not for a lack of good things. So here are ten…some big, some small…all good.

Grand-Baby #3 is due in September. ❤️ I’ve known for a little while, and it was a sweet secret to keep. My heart keeps making room. Isn’t it lovely how that works out? That’s probably three things right there…

Wool socks. Hand knit by my sister.

Skype sessions with my daughter.

Hugs from my son.

The random I love yous from people old and young.

Geraniums in grocery stores. Finally.

Real mail. And a special gift of a new sketchbook that a friend and I plan to make use of soon.

Plans big and small. Things to look forward to…

Wow. That was ten good things before I even thought too hard. I call that winning.

Make some plans this week, friends. Something as simple as time for yourself to be still. Or as large as a big adventure. Whatever brings you joy.

I am thinking about my plans for Lent … what my goal might be for this season. We will see…

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Sunday’s Song: Decisions

A busy few art filled days have passed now, and it looks like the next few will be spent organizing and settling in to work on new projects. 

I’m really glad Sara and I decided to follow our art calling and participate in various shows and festivals throughout the past year. That choice brought us many opportunities and we have met many interesting  people along  the way. 

My teaching days are over for the summer, and I’m at a blessed, slow pace state right now: no deadlines, no rushing.

My creative side is calling again and I’ve decided to answer. I am taking a hand building clay class–not to become a potter or anything close–but to participate in something challenging to me. I know the process will lead to new ideas, new pieces that I might not have thought of otherwise.

I’ve decided to create spaces for art throughout the day. It’s my work now, and I’m going to treat it as such. The 2015 Index  Card  A Day project is gearing up to start June 1. If you are interested in being part of a creative and supportive online art community, you might choose to check out their site (on Facebook).I’ve decided to submit my attempts–good /bad/in-between. These are just moments in time. It’s ok if they’re not all fabulous!

There comes a point when you realize some things about life. You have power to choose. There is such power in our choices. 

This past few days, some  interesting things happened to me. 

I held a blue eyed baby I’d just met who slept in my arms as a crowd of passers by enjoyed an outdoor  festival. 

I listened as a displaced gentleman recited poetry to me, even though he was sick and far from home.

I pressed clay into random shapes, that though imperfect, did not exist before I touched them.

Everything we choose connects us to something else. We have so much possibility before us. Choose your joy.

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February 14, 2015 Random Rambles

Jonquils are blooming.
There’s ice/snow in the forecast for Tuesday.

And that pretty much sums up life.

We just never know what’s next.

Today: 70 degrees and a watercolor workshop with Sara.
A winter storm watch starts tomorrow.

Roses from my son. Just like his dad used to send. My heart caught when I woke to those this morning.

Sweet Valentine surprises from my daughter and a handmade heart from my new friend Pam. It’s going on my prayer board.
Sweet things.
Messages of love from my sweet friends. This is how we make the days. We have help.

Tonight Modern Widows Club sent up paper lanterns with our loved ones’ names on them. My Sam is listed on the second row.
Kindnesses. Thoughtfulness. Honoring.

A lady I never met wrote his name and I can share this with you. You may never think of it again. Or you might. We just never know.

I posted funny valentines today and laughed a lot.
I have a lot of good in my life.
Good and bad. Happy and sad.
That is how it is.
But let me tell you something about February 14.
It’s a day on the calendar.
People are born on this day. They die. They fuss. Fight. Kiss. Pretend. Love. Respect. Remember. Get it wrong. Get it right. It’s another day.

If you get all bent out of shape because it’s Valentine’s Day, I beg you: stop.
You have the power to stop. Maybe not this year. But one year.

The lady who founded Modern Widow’s Club had a horrendous February 14 fifteen years ago. Her husband died in a wreck as she sat beside him. But tonight, she wrote our loved ones’ names on paper lanterns and sent them to the heavens ablaze with light.
Time didn’t make it easier. She decided. And it was probably harder than we can imagine. But she decided.

So. Happy Love Day. If you think you have no one to love, love yourself. Then you’ll realize there are many just like you who need that too.
We are waiting on you.

You are not alone.
Make whatever is next matter to somebody. God bless… ❤️


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Friday’s Five

Five good things from the past week, dear readers:

Snow in the forecast–that always brings a smile, even though it’s unlikely that it will amount to much this go round…

Good folks–Lisa was a great tech last summer, and she is now an RN. She saw us in the hospital hallway and came by to visit Sam, then made arrangements to be his discharge nurse…because there are good people the world…

Texts and messages and photos this week, from people who matter greatly to me. Hearts of gold…

Laughter before surgery, as Sam relates how he came to choose a password during pre-op. Inside jokes are precious these days…

Going through the new Bass Pro shop on the way to Little Rock. We have watched it being built for months on our travels back and forth, and just decided on a whim to stop in. Santa was making his appearance, another sweet memory to share…

This was the week Sam had three surgeries in one day. We probably would not go with that decision a second time, but it’s a little late now. These are the days of decisions and we just do the best we can and keep going.

A sixth “blessing” tonight…an Aristotle quotation that keeps coming to mind:
A friend to all is a friend to none. I’m reevaluating what that word “friend” means in the context of my life today. It’s going to take me awhile to work it all out, and that’s ok too. I’m past the days of people pleasing. Real people make real decisions and keep or leave behind what is necessary in order to be at peace. There’s a gift in that.
Choose wisely.

Sometimes the blessing is just realizing it’s ok to take care of you.
God bless…


These Times, They are Changing…

There is so much going on right now. I’m glad for the space of this blog and my determination to capture at least a few of the moments each day.

Teachers found out on Friday that three of our elementary schools are restructuring.

The teacher training program I’ve been involved with for the past nine years will be no more.

It’s a lot to take in.

Our campus is a prekindergarten through grade 5 setting right now, and we also house the physically handicapped children.

Five master teachers train ten teacher interns through a year-long student teaching process.

The plan is for our campus to go strictly to grades 3-5 next year. Teachers will no longer have self contained rooms. Everything will be taught in a departmentalized setting.

The other two campuses in this changeover are also getting used to new announcements: one will be a prekindergarten center; the other, K-2.
This means three campuses of teachers are thinking about new placements, and in many cases, new places.

The mood was different on our campus today. Change isn’t easy to think about.

I can’t help thinking it’s just another Lenten journey.
It is also an opportunity to reach out to colleagues who are hurt, who are feeling lost, who don’t know what to do.

Education is always changing. It’s easier watching than being in the middle of it.

As for me, I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. There are many possibilities.

I’m going to think it over for awhile while I’m teaching the children I have today.

I do not have to know my plans for tomorrow. Not yet, anyway.

Bittersweet days with the last teacher interns this program will see…when I started this blog last summer, I never would have dreamed this would be the last year for our program.

But we all know that’s life…
Here’s to good placements for all.