"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Holy Week- Wednesday 4/1719: Will you walk “this week” with me?

(Second grocery trip of the day)

Do you always stop once you find the things on your list? Or, do you even have a list? 🧐

Sometimes a few extra items land in the cart: today that meant watermelon for my eldest grandchild (she will be so excited ☺️) and sausage for my son (he’ll be happy to get sausage balls soon)…little things we do along the way. I learned I feed people. It seems to be a life theme. 😉

This second stop was for the perishable items. I had a busy day, so I split the shopping up to save time in the long run.

My feet carried me many places today: work, grocery store, flea market, tutoring appointment, gas station, more grocery, bank drive through, home. Some unplanned stops along the way, but happy to have the time to take care of the day-to-day essentials and an extra errand or two.

Happy Easter is already on a lot of people’s lips.

It’s nice to hear. I know we are still on the road, and we have Holy Thursday and Good Friday to witness…and Easter vigil on Saturday, but some folks are ready now. It was nice to hear Be blessed ma’am as I left the last grocery store today. I’m glad I don’t take such greetings for granted.

I am glad I live where I can walk in a place and find what I need most days, and even things I didn’t know I needed.

The day-to-day is really more important than we might think. The small interactions when we look someone in the eye, wish them well, or the moment we select a piece of fruit a child will enjoy. Maybe some little chocolate bunnies, too…because you know…those baskets don’t fill themselves.

Wherever you walked today, I hope someone felt blessed by your presence. Or you by theirs.




Holy Week 2019, Monday: Will You Walk “This Week” with Me?

(Me, before an evening class. Hope, Arkansas.)

At the beginning of this day, I had an idea. Then Notre Dame came falling down in flames, and really…well, fill in the blank…because if you’re alive on this planet, you surely know this structure is iconic. A terrible day to mark down in history, truly. And somehow, it seems to be worse that this happened as we begin Holy Week in the Christian world.

But, as I went about my day and continued to ponder what I want to do that is meaningful this week, my first idea still stands.

Let’s walk together. This Holy Week. Will you join me? Walk anywhere, post a picture if you’re so moved, or just join in anonymously. That’s good, too. 🙏🏼

Walk with me, knowing we know nothing. We know nothing about what is around the bend. We walk. We write a line about it. We live and learn. We listen.

We all saw that play out in flashing fire today.

But before I knew what I know now, what was beyond my immediate control, I walked.

I started early, and was greeted by not one, but four cardinals on the rocky road near my house. This sighting truly lifted my heart, and at that moment, I did not know that half a world away, Notre Dame was engulfed in flames.

I returned to the house, saw the news, and of course my heart fell.

“…but the gates of hell shall not prevail against it…” kept ringing in my ears, and the voices of the Parisian people lifted in unison as their cathedral burned…their joining as one voice moved me to remember that the human spirit cannot be touched. We can always fly. Always.

Just like those morning birds…

Then, as I was leaving for work, my older dog was barking nonstop, warning me of an unexpected visitor. Huge snake. The symbolism is not lost on me.

Everywhere, some kind of turmoil. Daily.

So, lots was on my mind as I arrived at my next stop. More symbolism: Hope is where I work on Mondays. And tonight, I walked there, too.

I walked a short paved path that I always think I will, but never do. But today was different. I walked and prayed for Parisians, for firefighters, for travelers. For those who hoped to visit a beautiful place of worship, and for those who won’t get to see that dream come true…not in the way they hoped.

And I realized yet again, we are all here for only a minute, then we are gone. Nothing is sure except our spirits.

So, I’m walking into this week with no preconceived ideas. Just walking and listening to what might need to be said. Will you join me?

Let’s see where we might walk tomorrow…

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Friday’s Five –April 12, 2019

It wasn’t all good, dear readers. I don’t want to leave the impression here that everything is hunky-dory every day. 😜

Because you know…life. 😳

HOWEVER, I can generally find at a bare minimum five good things from the previous few days to share here. And, I did! Here they are:

people to encourage and pray for; someone needs your prayers;

red clover swaying on roadsides—I really must stop and get a picture ASAP;

drive-thru with a special sale price for what I actually planned to eat;

a hairdresser who knows without description what to do–even though said hairdresser sees hundreds of people—she still remembers;

Little hands placing little seeds in little cups and little voices saying I so ess-ited! Me too, loves. Me, too.

However your week went, it is likely there were bumpy places. Maybe they were really bad. I’m sorry if they were. Maybe they were just medium bad. Or slightly. But in every day and every circumstance, there is room for a genuine good.

Maybe it’s a hand clasped in yours. Maybe it’s a smile or nod when you really needed it. Maybe it’s a patch of clover on a roadside, or how the moon waits for you to look at it. Keep looking.


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Lent//Wednesday 4/3/2019 Psalm 63, Part 3

…But they shall be destroyed who seek my life,

they shall go into the depths of the earth;

They shall be delivered over to the sword,

and shall be the prey of jackals.

The king, however, shall rejoice in God;

everyone who swears by him shall glory,

but the mouths of those who speak falsely shall be stopped.

This ends Psalm 63. The theme of longing for God and being in a wilderness situation might resonate with some readers.

Throughout this Psalm we see a praise of and rejoicing in our Creator.

He is all powerful, and He meets every need. Regardless of any person or circumstance we know might not be good for us, when we keep our eye on God and His goodness, we will prevail.

By this stage of Lent, we might realize the humans we are. Good intentions might be all we have to show for our Lenten plans. But, guess what?

God sees the intention. And He smiles.

So, keep trying –whatever you are doing for Him this season– keep trying. The end result is not as important as the longing to do something good for our Creator.

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Lent//Monday 4/1/2019 Psalm 63 Part I

Today, I invite you to read and meditate on part one (of three sections) of Psalm 63.

It helps me to read it aloud, as we would a poem. Maybe that will help you, too.

Perhaps you might read it as a prayer.

O God, you are my God whom I seek;

for you my flesh pines and my soul thirsts

like the earth, parched, lifeless and without water.

Thus have I gazed toward you in the sanctuary

to see your power and your glory,

For your kindness is a greater good than life;

my lips shall glorify you.

I’m thinking of so many images that are present here: the earth, water, etc. But I am drawn in by the last line:

my lips shall glorify you.

I praise God today for the gift of life. My life. And so many kindnesses I have received…so many.

It is my birthday today, and from the moment I woke up until now, I have been acutely aware of God’s love for me and how that love was manifested through the kindnesses of others.

God uses us for good. Will you let him use you?

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Lent/ Thursday 3/28/19 Look

When was the last time you took five minutes to really look at something you take for granted everyday? The grass beneath your feet? The seat on the subway? The pillow you’ll hopefully rest your head on tonight?

Really look.

This tiny patch of ground enamored my grandchildren today. They saw more in five minutes than most people see in five days/weeks/years. Because everything is still interesting. The world is filled with movement and wonder and life in all its stages.

Our Lenten table seems to have an outdoor theme this week. Good. It is spring, after all. ✅

Look. ❤️

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Lent 2019–Day4–3/9/2019 A Matter of TIME

Sometimes it’s good to take a look at our days. Make a new grid. Design a new way of looking at them. Write in the non-negotiables. You know: eating/sleeping/Netflix ☺️.

See how much time we really have to do something new…or something we used to enjoy. See how much time we (dare I say it) waste.

Look at that new grid and live with it for a week or so. Decide where we can eliminate something for just an hour a day. Just 30 minutes. Then adjust. Again and again until we are living a more (fill in your own blank) life.

That’s where I am this first week of Lent. Deciding. Trying. And admitting it is not easy, so I must be on a good track for me.

No one should dictate our free time activities, but now and then it might help to see if what we choose is benefiting us or holding us back.

Today’s “new found” time is leading me into a scary art studio space. You think I’m joking. I am not. I may have to pray for time to stand still in there for a little while. I expect to learn and re-learn some lessons about order in there.

Good luck on whatever your time is telling you to do. 🌟🌟