"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe


Friday’s Five

Five little things from the past few days that remind me I am a human on this earth:

babies’ laughter…

my daughter’s text from 5,000 miles away…

my son’s hugs…

a sacred medal mailed from a beautiful friend named (appropriately) Care…

a late night phone call from a friend decades younger in real years, but our soul years are sort of the same…

…our connections sustain us. They are the most beautiful and treasured gifts we have on this earth. Cherish your people. 


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Open Your Eyes: A Lenten Journey 3/31/17 (Friday’s Five) 

1. A poem: “They Ate the Bulbs of Tulips” by Mark Wagenaar. You can access it at using the search bar.
It’s today’s featured poem. It has been awhile since a poem moved me to tears. I thought maybe I was in a sentimental mood this morning. I just read it again. Same reaction. The beauty of poetry. The words writers choose. I’m thankful I still have the “feel that” button in my soul.

2. A visit from a dear friend. She brought happiness in the form of candy, a fringed basket, a textile garland for my art studio. Friends who listen. She’s my “free pass” friend from a dark time. I love her.

3. A postcard with magic marker scribbles from an almost 3 year old who brings me joy. Her mama does, too. I’m old enough to be her mother, but our souls seem to be in sync. 

4. Packages from my daughter who can’t be here this year for my tomorrow birthday. Before she left in January, she made sure all the family had presents for special days waiting. She texted me tonight to tell me which ones were mine. Love.

5. Another candle on the cake. My April Fool’s birthday is tomorrow, but since I’m fairly confident I’ll wake to see it, I’ll add it here. So immensely thankful to be alive.

I love Fridays. I like thinking back over the week and consciously noting things that bring me joy. To read good words, laugh with good friends, receive love from people I am so blessed to know in this life…truly touched tonight. 

Tomorrow, I’m celebrating a bit differently. I plan to go on a solo day trip with no expectation other than to see what I see. I know I’ll reflect on another year opening its doors. 

So glad to be here. 


Friday’s Five

We are home together, this week’s best gift.
We face the fact that we don’t know for how long.
The sights and sounds around here have changed again…more blinking lights, beeps of pumps, medication schedules, bags of supplies on the dining room table, equipment waiting in corners in case it’s needed.
But there’s still a gift in this: being home together.
I started this post last Friday, but as happens more and more, the moment called for more important matters…turning out the lights and just going to bed. Listening to his breathing. Holding his hand. Knowing that these are the gifts of a life, not just a week or two.
So here I am, a week later, adding to the weekly list of blessings.
Yes, I’m determined to find them. Yes, I know some people think me crazy. No. I do not care. I cope the way I can. I will myself to remember things: the crinkle around his eyes when he smiles. The dent in his chin I’ve traced for years. The nod we share in a room full of visitors that none of them in a million years would understand the full meaning of. Our love. And this Friday, I’ve lost count.
Cancer never wins. Not with us. We will always cherish our days. Together.

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Friday’s Five

Well. Friday is here and not one moment too soon. Counting this evening at home as a big reason for gratefulness. What would I do without a couple of days to reenergize?

My other four reasons to smile this week:

…a surprise piece of art from a colleague’s second grader–he drew crosses on a hillside with people and a sunrise, and copied Romans 8:37 for me. I take this as a good sign.
Isn’t it interesting how surprises are delightful on so many levels? His mom and I don’t understand what precipitated this message, but I’m listening.

…time laughing with a great team of coworkers. We are all at different stages of life and experience, yet we mesh. It’s nice to be able to be real.

…a call from the director of a regional service center. I may be presenting some workshops there. Sounds good to this writing teacher!

…a request for a peacock scarf. Can I do that? Why yes, darlin’, I surely can.

Oh, there are so many more than five good things this week. It will always be so, because I know how to look. Don’t you?
Happy weekend, sweet readers.

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Life’s Little Reminders…Randomness

Busy days as usual. The work pendulum swings from calm to comical. I’m learning to laugh even more than usual, and thankfully have friends who join me.

The stories I could tell…and the names I would need to change… 🙂

The week before Thanksgiving is poignant for me…coming up on the sixth anniversary of my mom’s death.

I remember the pattern of leaves on the sidewalk, the turquoise vinyl chair in her hospital room, how cold we kept it for her. I remember her devotion to her family, her deep love for us, her smile.

I remember what matters.

That’s a good way to cope when things cross the line from crazy to chaotic.

Taught my college class tonight…everyone is tired and ready for a break. I understand. We laughed though. We always do, thank goodness.

Decided I better run by the night clinic to get a swollen finger checked out. Made it in just before the 10:00 pm closing.

Now sitting in a CVS pharmacy waiting on a prescription.
You know how you get so busy you forget to pay attention?
I thought Queen nicked my finger when she devoured a bone a few weeks ago.
I got busy and forgot until it turned purple.
So… thankful for antibiotics and late night pharmacies…
and the knowledge that all we go through is just what it is…
so much good is part of my life. I am here, speaking, thinking, and questioning. And that’s good enough today.

A rambling Wednesday…with lots of hope for the future.