"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Friday’s Five: December

Today I left the house wearing a Santa hat. Last minute decision, but it is December and it was a bone chilling 27 degrees.

I think it changed my interactions with people because after all… red velvet with huge white pompom is a distraction.

I was able to continue a gift giving tradition Sam started years ago. Today wasn’t the day I planned to do it, but the opportunity came and I was quite happy knowing this took place with me wearing Santa gear. People were inconvenienced for a moment because this impromptu event took place on a country road and cars were delayed momentarily, but not one person honked. And the recipient…delighted. Hat, perhaps??

Onward to a rosary group. Lots of prayers said for lots of people with women who are deeply different but connected in prayer. While there, cardinals kept coming to the feeder. Brilliant reds.

Then, a low tire pressure stop at a garage. The attendant wished me Merry Christmas as I left…I am positive it was the hat. Positive. Makes people feel happier. Joyful. Merry. Isn’t that a great word?

The lights of the season are everywhere. Store windows, interstate tree groupings, hotel reception areas. So welcoming.

The little things that invite us to be better versions of ourselves. December, you delight.



Friday’s Five

Five little things from the past few days that remind me I am a human on this earth:

babies’ laughter…

my daughter’s text from 5,000 miles away…

my son’s hugs…

a sacred medal mailed from a beautiful friend named (appropriately) Care…

a late night phone call from a friend decades younger in real years, but our soul years are sort of the same…

…our connections sustain us. They are the most beautiful and treasured gifts we have on this earth. Cherish your people. 


Open your Eyes: A Lenten Journey 4/13/17 (Thursday)

Holy Week.

Today, at masses throughout the world, the Lord’s Supper is celebrated. Do this in remembrance of me.

Pope Francis reminds us today to take joy in the little things.

Throughout the world, believers will mark this day of the beginning of the Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter.  

Lent is technically over now. We enter into a new set of days, one that will culminate in the joy of Easter.

I remember my mom always, but specifically on this day. I remember accompanying her to mass on many Holy Thursdays…but some years, I just dropped her off to go alone. I remember those times and how she reacted. 

She kept a sacred silence. 

There was no cajoling, no guilty glances, no preaching. She simply thanked me for taking her and always said she loved me.

I hope if any readers here do not share my faith, you will understand I feel today like my mom probably felt then. I feel privileged to walk in faith and I am honored to be present to you, with you, beside you…regardless of whether you believe or not.

The Eucharist we celebrate today means “thanksgiving”–and I honor this day by being thankful for so much. 

Peace and blessings as we continue our walk to Easter.  May you take joy with you.


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Open Your Eyes: A Lenten Journey 3/25/17 (Saturday)

New life is all around us. I might have missed this if I had not decided to take  a quick walk outside with my youngest grandchild this morning. 

The pond is shimmering, there are tree limbs down from a rainy, windy yesterday. Mud puddles abound. Trees in bud  and new willows taking hold. 

Glorious sunny Saturday. 

Open your eyes to the gifts of life today.

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Open Your Eyes: A Lenten Journey 3/24/17 (Friday’s Five)

I’m mining the past week’s journal entries for a few of the blessings to share here. 

1. Keeping a journal routinely. That in itself is something I am grateful for and as time goes on, I realize how much more comes when I make the time to have a consistent routine: memories, images, new ideas. I’m continually amazed at what appears on the page if I just show up.

2. Poetry. Ideas have crept in my entries this week and I have made time to create some blackout poetry, collect words for a found poetry project, work on a single syllable poem. I’m currently adding more text in my painting projects and stitching work. I know it’s a result of daily focus. That 40 extra minutes a day I told myself was necessary at the beginning of Lent has not always been easy to find, but it certainly has provided rewards. 

3. International mail. Sending and receiving always brings a smile.

4. Seven geese. Two usually have taken up residence at our pond by now, but this year seven stayed. Unusual to see an odd number since this is mating season, but there is  a lone duck here, too. I see them several times a day. Moments of peace.

5. Trash bags. I’m in a big purge time. That’s always a good sign for me. When I can  let things go, I make room for new things to come. When I get rid of junk, my mind is always lighter, too.

What did you see this week that brought you a sense of peace? Of joy? Of awareness? Of love? 


Open Your Eyes: A Lenten Journey 3/23/17 (Thursday)

Today’s a super special  day because it is my daughter’s birthday. She’s an adult now, living and working abroad. I’m thankful for her presence in this world.

When I see her with my mind’s eye, I picture an independent, adventurous young woman. I see smiles and sunlight and jonquils and beloved dogs. I see her walking on beaches and snapping photographs. 

I see so much that I cannot name. I feel joy in her presence. I think lots of people do.

 Open your mind’s eye to see someone you love today. Tell them. Show them. It’s always the right time.