"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Friday’s Five

This past week I sat with my friend D who reminded me yet again that it is time to write the book. The book she told me I needed to write when she found out I was getting ready to walk a terrible and tragic path. The book she brings up from time to time, but never more forcefully than this past week. You have the time now, friend. 

And, as most true friends have the tendency to be, she is right. So, in the spirit of internet accountability, I share my intention here. I also ask a favor of whatever  group of humans might read this post: pray for me, please. Pray that I will discipline myself to write daily, that I will write clearly and true, and that one day my words will find the right people and help them.

I know that God has a way of making the most amazing things happen, and I know He has set me up with time to write this year. He continues to put people in my path who show me this book is needed. He is persistent. 🙂

He has shown me that I have a tendency   to sabatoge my plans by letting myself get too busy. He gave me the gift of realizing that, and He keeps showing me in ways that only He can that now is the time. So, I humbly began writing out the first pages of thoughts and outlines and notes. 

I have a long way to go. A lot of word counts to meet. A lot of pages to turn. And rewrites. And edits. I am pretty sure this is not going to come easily. I am almost positive some of the remembering and reconstructing is going to be hard. 

But I am beginning in faith. I know if God intends for this book to be written, it will be written. I have committed to meet Him halfway in this and show up with the pencil. He has been patient on His end, but I know He has a sense of humor. Lately He’s been whispering the reminder that Look, we don’t have forever for this. Get on with it. 

He is the centerpiece of my story, my life, my “one day to be” book. 

I ask Him every day to let others see Him in me. He gave me a love for writing and words a long time ago. It seems He is going to let me use something I love to tell about what He can do for all of us. 

So, I still hope to post my weekly reasons for gratitude (probably the short form–unlike tonight’s bolded words), and I’ll of course let this page take whatever twist and turn seems fitting. One day, God willing, I’ll show up here to tell you the manuscript is ready. Then we’ll pray for a publisher. 

On second thought, go ahead and get busy on that prayer, too: agent/editor/publisher and anybody else I’m going to need. As God reminds me, it’s time to get this show on the road. 

Peace. Love. Action. Amen. 



Saturday’s Snapshot: Deacon Joe


Today my snapshot comes from the obituary column.
My friend Joe died after a long battle with many illnesses.
He was the deacon of our church for years.

Here’s what I know about Joe:
He always smiled.
He ran a feed and seed store for years and still managed to care for the people of our parish and preach at least one Sunday a month.
He adored his wife Barbara. Adored her.
He always smiled.
He spoke at my mom’s funeral and it was hard for him; hers was the first funeral he officiated at since his beloved wife Barbara died. But he did it and he thanked me for asking him to do it.
He always smiled.
Joe didn’t hear well. Sometimes he heard you and sometimes he didn’t. You already know that didn’t matter because no matter what was said, Joe found that reason to smile.
He and I shared many spiritual connections, and I’ll celebrate his birthday in a couple of days, on January 21. It is the feast day of St. Agnes. My mom always sent me a card on that day, and I started sending Joe cards when I realized it was a special day for him, too.
He told me once that he and Barbara had “adopted” an unborn baby to pray for and he named her Agnes.
Joe made me smile.
We exchanged Christmas cards, too, and I have the one he sent us this year, his distinct handwriting thanking us for our prayers, sending us his love and blessings.
The church was standing room only today.
All of the Christmas decorations were gone, reminding us a new year has begun. Without Joe.
No more hugs in the parking lot, no more kisses on my cheek, no more twinkling eyes filled with delight to see whomever he was talking to.
Joe had a servant’s heart. He loved us all. It was evident today that we felt the same.
I wonder about the stories each of us hold in our hearts. Hundreds of people sang and prayed you home today, Joe.
And some of the songs we sang: Lift High the Cross, Be Not Afraid, How Great Thou Art ; those are my favorites too, Joe.
I’ll take that as one more connection ’til you welcome your church family home.
And seeing all of us packed in that church today?
I hope it made you smile.

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Friday’s Five

What a treasured few days off…so many blessings to recall, but I’ll stick with my Friday tradition of listing just five:

…hearing tires on gravel and barking dogs: the welcome arrival of my son home from college for a few days…

…the traditional candlelight and prayer before our Thanksgiving meal at home…has always been so important to me to celebrate at home even though we have celebrations with extended family, too…

…dinner with my best friend’s sister where Sara and Kim and I recalled many moments, and I heard Waydean’s spirit in Peggy’s own laughter…

…a day of family on Thanksgiving Day…our small one, plus the extended version later that night: the food, the stories, oh the blessing of family…

…and this, the four month anniversary of this blog; while the goal is to write daily for at least eight more months, today I celebrate the accomplishment of making room for thoughts…and hope there are many more days to come.

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Random Wanderings

I’ve been out of town since Friday morning, and while it looks like I’ll play catch up the rest of the week, I did get some time alone during these days…images come to mind that I always want to remember:

the blazing sunset hues coloring the trees along I30 reminding me fall is on its way for real

the chiming church bell in The Woodlands calling people to worship…and there were hundreds coming in on an early Sunday morning

the solitude of a quiet church after mass…the expansive windows letting in natural light and views of towering trees, roses, hibiscus, and more

the welcoming words of hotel staff and conference leaders reminding me that our positive words and time and care do matter and even have the power to change our mood

the recorded GPS voice saying “Recalculating” over and over…shouldn’t she say,”Why don’t you turn where I tell you to turn?!”

the decadence of eating out alone and liking it, as usual

the glittering blouses in a department store reminding me of something my mom would buy…don’t most of us need something sparkling in our closets?

knitting needles and cotton yarn in my suitcase…once again trumping paperwork

a conference presenter singing Joy to the World (by Three Dog Night) and reminding me that it is ultra cool to be unique in a world that whispers
“conform”…good thing it’s hard for me to hear whispers these days

XM radio choices…rap to rock to rhythm and blues sung with gusto on the 5 hour drive home

Lots of good to recall in the midst of missed exits and reports of car accidents (two in two days involving two dear ones ) and emails that remind me I’m needed in that classroom tomorrow morning. Children typically aren’t that nice to subs…

So, some nice random thoughts to return to when I need them. Have a good week, friends. Be good to yourself. Record the moments you want to remember.


Journal Entry: Of Violets and Happiness

An African Violet is beginning to flower

African violets have been on my mind for a few weeks now.

While I love flowers and plants and do my best to keep something blooming (or at least alive) around me, I have never had a desire to buy an African violet, at least not consciously. But, like other things that recur in my journal and in my thoughts, this particular flower keeps calling me. It keeps ending up on those endless post-it notes that I thought I was done with, too.

My daughter, ever the encourager, told me early on, “Go get you one!”

I tried. No store I visited had them in stock.

When I mentioned my search to Meagan, my coworker, she said knowingly, “You just need more happiness.”

That may be true. I am on a mission at work this year to surround myself with extensions of my creative life: photographs, quotations, pieces of art, ephemera that says “good news” in the midst of too much gray.

I love my students, but I see the road we are traveling, and it is going to be a long one. We need something around us to keep us going. Small bursts of purple blooming might be a good idea.

I also need something to tend to, something that relies on me to make sure I stay connected to life, not papers. Humans, not more emails. Sometimes it is just good to water a plant.

African violets need a little lamp light–I remember that from my Aunt Frances. She is remembered most by family members for her beautiful roses, but I remember the violets, too. She had several of them under a grow light in her bedroom on Walnut Street.

She tended to them, talked to them, told them they needed to bloom more.

She was full of chatter and always had a better way of doing something. She had a home remedy for every ailment. She laughed a lot and always had a joke to tell. She read voraciously.  I loved going to her house.

She had all those rose bushes in the front yard, and a pair of snippers in her mailbox on the porch. She was a seamstress, so people came and went throughout the day. Every single person could count on getting a rose on their way home. She even gave them to the mailman when he had time to wait. She stopped her work to see about people. To snip roses. To make people happy.

Her shop was a little room on the front of her house that might have been a porch at some point. It was strangely made, with a narrow entry and a high countertop on the right that was always stacked with fabrics, threads, patterns, notes to herself.

Farther down the room, there was a wall covered with notes and names and phone numbers. It was cryptic. I used to stand and read some of the words and wonder how in the world she could keep everything straight. The phone rang incessantly, and sometimes she didn’t hear it over the hum of her sewing machine.

She had material and supplies for sewing everywhere. Everywhere. It was a mess, really. I am surprised that people even did business with her because when you walked in, it was overwhelming with all the clutter. But, people came. They came even when her eyes got bad and she didn’t sew as beautifully any more. They came because she gave them something more than a straight hem or a shortened sleeve.

I had to smile when I finally found an African violet yesterday. It is not the most perfect specimen in the world: it has one tiny pinkish bloom and the watering it has had looks like it may have been an afterthought. But I can see the possibilities. I have to. I want to. There’s a lamp  waiting on my desk at school.

So this, this searching for an African violet reconnects me with a memory that I had forgotten for a long time. The memory of a busy lady taking time for pretty flowers and laughter and friendships…and more, I’m sure of it.



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