"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe


Friday’s Five

The kid in Target tonight who was having a happy holiday conversation with himself as he decided on gift wrap: Hmmm…this looks festive. And this!

Last minute gift choice wavering and the deciding moment when my daughter reminds me, It’s Christmas!

Candy deliveries around town: hugs, laughter, calorie sharing…

Peppermint striped paper clips. There’s a lot of happiness for $1.99.

Yet another holiday CD purchase. Some traditions are so worth continuing.

Find the joy, sweet readers. It’s all around us…


Sunday’s Song: Blessings

God is so good.
God heard your prayer.
You are blessed.
What a blessing.

Nice words to read and to hear, especially when we are getting what we want.
What we think should be ours.

People say these words almost without thinking. Without thinking about those of us who did not get what we wanted. Without thinking that maybe God has other things in mind for some of us.

Let’s not get this twisted.

God loves us all.
He blesses us all.
He hears us all.

In every circumstance. Over and over.
Not just when we get the answer we think we deserve. Not because we are so special or beloved. Just because.

There are many truths about this life. One is this: we will leave it one day.

In the meantime, know that God holds you close. You. When you’re suffering. You. When you’re tired. You. When you don’t understand. You.

And no matter the circumstance…whether it is a time of great sadness or great joy, for I think we all get our turn with both here…you are blessed. You. In every moment. God is with you and within you.

I’ve shared this story before, but it is one that I think of almost every day, especially when I hear people talk about Christmas and say that they just want it to be over this year. That they just can’t do it. That they miss someone or are not satisfied with how they think their life should be.

When Sam was living his final weeks here, his brother-in-law visited him and told him, “I’m still believing and praying for your miracle.”
Sam thanked him and said, “Remember, He IS the miracle.”

Yes. He is. And that is why in the midst of great grief and great tragedy, we can continue our journey.
He endured great pain here too. He knows our needs before we do. There is a blessing in that, a remarkable one.

Let Him carry you and comfort you through every storm. And say these words no matter the circumstance, no matter the trial:

I am blessed.

Then watch while He makes it true.



Friday’s Five

A day at home. Even though I retired almost a year ago, days like this are rare. I plugged in the tree lights, smiled at the boxes of decorations still waiting, and turned up the Christmas music.
It rained most of the day.
I had projects to finish for different jobs. I did that and in between ran loads of laundry and knitted a new scarf order for a customer.
The day flew by, but December days have a way of doing that.
I’m in my favorite red chair, wrapped up in a new quilted blanket I bought “from my mom”. Every year since she died, I buy something that would give her joy to give to me.
I hung blue lights this year. First time for that, but Sam loved them, and I wanted his spirit near. I’ve learned to act on my ideas. Those blue lights give me a lot of joy. Sweet memories.
Five good things from this busy week of the last month of the year.
Find the joy in simplicity. It’s there…