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Sunday’s Song: Scrambled Eggs

The strangest things bring me happiness these days. Today, standing in front of a new range ranks pretty high.

My old one sparked and smoked and sent itself packing several weeks ago. Since then, a three foot space has been waiting in my tiny kitchen.

My grandchildren have explored that space and questioned how we would make bacon.

It’s ok. We can use the microwave.

They seem skeptical. I’ve since proven this as truth, but I know they’ll be delighted to see a stove tomorrow. Really delighted. Little teachers that they are. (And yes, pan fried bacon is much better.)

This gaping space…I smiled at where the real wood floors ended and subfloor extended to the wall after a renovation a few years back. We had oak flooring from my parents’ house…hundred year old oak… and just enough to cover the main “this part will show” floors of this area.

This floor has soon a lot of traffic and will likely see a parade of appliances in years to come because nothing lasts as long as it should. But I digress.


I don’t think I’ve ever waited quite this long to replace an appliance, but I was heading on vacation, then waiting for a sale, then other “fix this nows” competed, then life got busy as it does. Anyway.

I really missed scrambled eggs.

I missed my scrambled eggs because eggs are one food that I really don’t care to eat anywhere else. They never have the same taste or texture or consistency at a restaurant. They are never hot enough.

It’s odd because even though I missed making them, they are not my favorite food. They are quick to make, a good source of nourishment, but I was surprised to discover this was one of the main foods I needed a stovetop to cook, and one of the main foods I kept craving. Microwave eggs? I don’t even want to consider it.

Look. Turn on the burner. Heat a tiny bit of real butter just until it melts. Crack a couple of eggs. Stir them right in. Faster. A minute or so later, perfect breakfast. Salt. Cracked pepper. Satisfying. Hot. Done.


I scrambled and ate those eggs and now give them a place here as a reminder how little things can be satisfying. How we miss them when we don’t have them. How good it is to appreciate a small thing.

How Sundays and scrambled eggs are kinda nice.

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Saturday’s Snapshot: “Okry” and ‘Maters

You know it starts with bacon drippings, so it’s good.
Fry about 6 pieces of bacon and just leave enough drippings to coat pan.
Add in a sliced onion.
Shake a lot of kosher salt and large ground pepper on that. Stir until brown.
Add three big tomatoes, chopped, then about two cups of sliced okra. Bring to boil. Add a cup of water and cover. Simmer 12 minutes, stirring now and then.
My goodness. Delicious. Summer time food. Lovely.

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Layered Bean Dip Recipe

I should have taken a pic of this dip, but trust me, it’s a good one.

I’ve prepared it for years now and passed the recipe on to many, many folks…only saw this one once in a tiny ad for Rotel in a magazine.

Glad I paid attention.

Here you go:

Spread 1 block softened cream cheese in a pie plate. (I’ve recently used 1/3 reduced fat. It’s fine.)

Pour one can of rinsed and drained black beans over cream cheese. (Rinse very well.)

Layer one can Rotel next (drain slightly).

Grate cheese to cover. (cheddar)

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

Ahhhhh….we like multigrain Tostitos with ours, but Fritos are good too.

Eat well, dear readers, and I hope this one lands on your “tried and true” list.

Meanwhile, Sara and I devoured this her second night home. We already have the ingredients ready for the next time.

Always good to be prepared… 🙂

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Easy Chocolate Pie Recipe

Leaving teaching tips behind this week, dear readers…unless a nice recipe for chocolate pie counts…
although I’m not a chocolate lover ( one of my many faults), I do love to see my family eating happily. They eat this pie quite happily. As a matter of fact, I made this pie for my son who is due in from college in a couple of hours…you can see some chocolate lover in the house could not wait…


Anyway, here’s the recipe:
Melt 5 1/2 Hershey bars with almonds in a double boiler.
Stir the melted bars into one container Cool Whip.
Pour into graham cracker crust.
Shave or grate remaining 1/2 candy bar on top.
Chill until someone can’t wait any longer.

I love to cook for happy eaters…