"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Friday’s Five

Five treasured blessings this week, dear readers, that have to do with home:

the sound of a tractor…and the sight of my husband behind the wheel…wow;

the victory of cleaning up and out…most stuff is unnecessary;

texts and calls from true friends…not looking for information, just touching base;

morning and evening prayers…no matter where we are;

walks hand in hand down our old country roads…and feeding the fish in the pond;

time at home, dear readers…it’s always mattered to me, but now…more than ever.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spirit

and a little child shall lead them…
I took this picture a couple of weeks ago…not meaning to intrude on this child’s prayer, but at the same time knowing there was power in that moment. Power I didn’t want to forget.
The Spirit is near those who search…

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Two Weeks, One View

Two weeks ago today, my husband had major surgery. He spent that
night in ICU; I sat wide eyed in the recliner near him, our children waited a few doors away. Tonight, we are all home to sleep in our own beds.
Our family is together in a familiar place. Trite or not, there’s no place like home.
When I stop to consider all we’ve seen during these last two weeks (much less the weeks leading up to these days), I really do pause…
Today was a good day filled with phone calls, visits from family and friends, more messages. A day at home.
We are aware of Christ’s presence.
We all went about our day today completing errands, making lists, taking walks, looking once again through new eyes.
The best parts? No needles, no IVs, no hospitals.
The hummingbirds are back. They waited for us, it seems. Belle’s winter coat is coming off in clumps. She waited for her brushing. Queen stays close to the kitchen door.
There were moments today for real life living: vacuuming, cleaning toilets, walking barefoot to the kitchen and feeling the smoothness of old oak underfoot.
Now I sit in my favorite chair, taking in the moments of the day.
Some routines of our days have changed, to be sure. But we are blessed with one another, with praying friends, and with a determination to greet each day with hope.
It’s brought us this far.
Will the days that follow be as uneventful? Time will tell.
It’s likely this is just a respite. The needed calm before a coming storm.
So, here I am to remind you, dear reader: take it all in. The red of the geranium on the front steps. The comforting whirr and clinking of the dishwasher. The mail on the counter.
Be grateful for tending to the smallest things.
You never know what you’ll tending to two weeks from now…

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Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. I’ll use this space to honor the memory of two special men: Thomas Franklin Sorsby and Lucian Anthony Tirrito, my father and father-in-law, respectively.
They were veterans. But above that, they were men. Adding the word good seems redundant.
They were kind, fair, patient, and honest.
Their eyes twinkled when they laughed.
And that was often.
They loved America.
They loved me.
They came in and out of my life in a flash.
I knew Daddy eleven years; Papaw for fifteen.
But it was long enough to know the blessing they were.
Cherish your loved ones.


Sunday’s Song: Surprises

It’s been a week of surprises. Well, more than a week.
Good days and challenging ones.
I’m thankful there was a mix, at least. The challenging ones didn’t come all in a row.
I learn more every day about resilience, the human spirit, tenacity.
I learn about the goodness that lives within us, and I learn that some people have no filter, no boundaries. They are concerned as long as it doesn’t interfere with their lives.
I’ve surprised myself at what I can take, and even more at what I will not.
There is a transparency that accompanies a cancer diagnosis. It is visible to only some, though.
There is no way to explain the nuances of a day, all the things that are said and that happen, each one adding or subtracting from the total environment.
Some good surprises:
recovery progress in full swing;
conversations with many excellent and caring doctors;
visits from family, friends and colleagues;
mail deliveries;
friends who offer their individualized form of comfort through messages, cards, art, verses, photos, texts;
the interconnectedness among us that reminds me God’s hand is here…contacts, help, knowledge at perfect times;

Some not so good surprises:
Some patients don’t want to get well. They just want to be victims and whine. I’ve seen them here…watched them be cajoled and prodded along by some very good nurses. I want to wring their necks.
I mention this because even the petty shows up during this time. Some people are like rubberneckers at a car wreck. Some say stupid things like You look tired. Well, if you stayed around the clock at a hospital for almost three weeks, you’d look tired, too. I promise. The funny thing is, this is how I look with no makeup. So sorry to disappoint…
Then, some people are more interested in my job than my family. If they aren’t asking about it, they are out trying to get it. Amazing. Truly, people.
Of course life goes on and plans have to be made. In this circumstance, however, someone heard about my family’s situation and used it as an opportunity. Interesting days.
Nothing surprises me anymore.

Meanwhile, I’ll end today with this truth:
We are all going to leave this world. The time may or may not be a surprise to us, but it’s coming. I’ve had many reminders of this throughout my life.
So, I know the petty things don’t matter. They are no more than distractions.
What matters is our faith, our family, our time together. Luckily for us, we’ve always protected those things. It comes as no surprise that those are what sustain us now.