"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Friday’s Five

A review of five of the week’s gifts:

One, quite surprising:
A person from my past crossed my path, found herself telling me all of the drama going on in her life, and then stopped mid sentence to tell me what a good listener I was.
I have to smile at that because even I know nothing could be further from the truth. I have to really work at paying attention. But, maybe God decided to show me it is possible.

My friend D and I are reading One Month to Live by Kerry and Chris Shook. We are off schedule because it’s designed to be read in one month, after all. But we are lenient with one another. I hope we always have a book we are reading together. I highly recommend it as a way of staying connected and honoring the gift of friendship.

Speaking of friendship, my pen pal for forty plus years and I have decided it’s getting time to meet in person. Can you imagine what that will be like? We are proof you can form a precious bond with someone you’ve never met. Our letters are a lifelong diary of sorts. It’s amazing to think we may really meet.

I sat on another friend’s porch this week and learned the process of mosaic work. The result was beautiful, but I was most struck by the fact that several of my friends are artistically gifted and each one of them shares that gift freely. There is a level of self assurance in that, and I like being around it.

Finally, porches and pets. A summer ritual has been spending at least part of each day outside, either noticing nature or feeling the porch tile under my bare feet. The trio of dogs shows up without fail, each one getting her moment of ball throwing, ear scratching, or belly rubbing. I just sit without rushing and realize the gift of that. A swallowtail usually flutters by. Today, a hummingbird made her return visit to the red geranium on the front steps. Peaceful moments. Gifts.
Find yours.
God bless…

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Friday’s Five

Five blessings from the week:

Lunch out with my son today. It is a gift to live to see your children at all ages and stages. He adds a lot to this world.

A wonderful day of laughter with one of my closest friends. We went on a road trip and were laughing before we even turned on the main highway.

My husband’s friends. They call. Text. Check on us. You learn the definition of caring.

Bobbles. It’s a new knit stitch I learned in my class of three. Two other women learn with me and we share a lot of laughs every other week. It was supposed to be every week, but we need more time if you get my drift.
It seems you’ve migrated to knitting continental. When did that happen? asks my knitting instructor. Why, I have no idea. I wake up in a new world every day. :)

Talking to a young (twenty something) quilter at a flea market. She was hand sewing binding on…the part one usually sews with the machine before hand finishing. Something in that gave me a lot of hope. I keep thinking there’s this wonderful resurgence of vintage needle working taking place. Maybe…

And number six because it’s been a very creative week:
A loom is on its way. It’s my next artistic venture. I know… :)
Thankful for the gifts of family, friends, and art. And the Giver.
He’s always with us.

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Saturday’s Snapshot: Sigh.

How can this be a good thing, I ask you.
Well, I channeled my mom who could always find the silver lining in any (underline any) situation.
My daughter stopped for gas here, so she wasn’t stranded on the highway.
This didn’t happen right smack in the middle of all the wedding festivities a week ago today.
We have roadside assistance. ( I highly recommend that for many reasons: competent people come 24/7; it’s inexpensive; you don’t have to bother friends on weekends)
We have another vehicle.
Now, yes, having a vehicle in need of repair sucks. However, there are worse things.
Just another bend in the road of life.



Friday’s Five

Five good things from the past week, dear readers:
I’m a mom in law!!!!! Whoop!!!!!
Beautiful wedding last Saturday. My goodness, it’s a gift to welcome beautiful Daniela to the family.

Well. This week it looks like every blessing I mention here will be wedding related…

There was a mariachi at the wedding. My gosh. Pure. Joy. Like my best friend said, “If you witness that and can’t smile, you have problems we can’t fix.”

The in- law side is so kind. Daniela’s brother danced with me at the wedding and said, “You have a whole new family now and we have your back.” Well. Precious moment.

Dancing with my son to Rod Stewart’s Forever Young. Yes. That was perfect.

Actually, dancing all night long was perfect. It was a dawn to midnight day of music, laughter, prayer, and joy. A celebration.

We had a memory table at the wedding. My Sam’s picture was there. His dad’s. My mom’s. Daniela’s sister. People who were watching from heaven.
And no, it was not a hard day. It was a day of thankfulness. A day I remembered my own vows. A day I realized we created a son who grew to become a decent and dignified man. And he found a woman who is beautiful in every way. And so I ask you: could you be sad?
And, for those women who might read this and think Hmmph. I don’t get it.
Here’s the secret: decision.
I decided before I had my children or met my future daughter in law, I’d love and accept them. Luckily, they make it easy.
Did I mention I’m a mom in law? Oh, joyful days.


Blog Birthday

Two years!
Funny how this date sticks in my mind. July 23, 2012: the day I decided to try to blog.
I think back to those days. How I felt a sense of urgency to create something new, yet didn’t know why. Now I know.
All the paths in our lives lead us where we are meant to be.
The best thing I’ve found out about that is that there are angels along the way.
Sometimes they encourage us. Laugh with us. Or at us! Sometimes they help us. Pray for us. Strengthen us.
But they are there, and I have learned to be aware of them.
Some of you have followed me for awhile now; others, just a few days.
I hope you’ll bear with me as I figure our what this year means here.
Something keeps telling me
just write the day you’re in
and I think I may try that for awhile.
Some days that’s a memory day. An art process day. A photography day. Sometimes it’s related to being a widow, a grieving woman. Sometimes it’s just about being human.
I don’t know where it’s all leading, but I know I’m supposed to write until I get there. And make art. And try to be as real as I can.
Life is not a happy place sometimes. But then we can remember: those angels are waiting. They really are.
Don’t let them down.
If you want to start something, start it.
Listen to the whispers of your mind.
You can do anything at all…

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Monday’s Muse: Taking Flight

Well, gelli plates came in the mail this week. I am a happy woman.
I didn’t even know what they were a few weeks ago. Here’s a link in case you don’t either:
I also found a pallet knife mixed in with a set of cheap acrylic paints.
So, add an old refrigerator magnet from the 80s that lost its backing and throw in an empty film container ( probably also from the eighties) and I was set. Oh. A piece of woven ribbon for texture. The brayer.


I spent a few happy minutes playing. Adding texture. Skimming paint. Ended up with a lot of happy, but this is my favorite from today:


I used the gelli plate with some paint chip sample pieces pressed in, then
lifted out. Reminds me of trees. The butterfly is gold because that speaks of possibilities and it was on the table from last week when I was painting wedding canvases.
I keep lots of things, it seems. That butterfly has traveled with me to two homes, several junk drawers, and here it shows up today. Meant to be.
I’m still experimenting as part of the Daisy Yellow Index Card a Day 2014 challenge, but I already see bigger pieces taking shape in my mind.
And that’s what play is about in the art world. Before you realize it, you’re flying.
Give yourself the time for what you enjoy…


Monday’s Muse

Well. This may be a new thing. We’ll see. If you follow me at all, you know I never know what’s going on. Do you?

So. I’ve been searching. Trying. Writing through these days. Wondering how in the world I was going to find my way to the other side. And really…was that side any better? After all, friends…we are not home yet. Don’t be fooled. But I digress.

So, as luck would have it (and no, I know it wasn’t luck and if you’re honest, so do you), I found an art site.
The site is Daisy Yellow (on Facebook) and its companion site, Daisy Yellow-Index-Card-Day-2014.
A place where artists meet to share their artsy postings on 3×5 cards… tiny
canvases. Limits. I was intrigued.
I’m nowhere close to catching up with posting, but I’ve learned more life lessons. Bear with me. You might need them too. If you are searching at all.

First things first. Quit explaining.
I remember Dr. Charles Mazer insisting on this in a writing project course years ago. “Shut up and read it”
were his actual words. But you know what? He was right. We need to bring to the table what we bring: good, bad, incomprehensible. Bring it. Bring. It.
A good audience knows how to sift. A bad one? Why would you care?
Let it be.

#2. There’s so much I don’t know. What’s a dala horse? Gelli printing? The best white pen? Kosheshi doll?
Matryoshka? Yeah. Me either. But I know more now than a week ago. And it’s empowered me. How? Just trust me. It has.

We need to know things. Ok. I do.

Now. This wasn’t easy, for some people. This sharing of art. And so my sweetest lesson was exposed. It was for me. I didn’t care if I got the coveted “like” or “comment” or not. I am finally at that place. That place that says, “Honey, if you can get yourself to the table and make something that wasn’t here yesterday, it is all good.” And it is.

So, dear readers. Hang with me. Know that all my days aren’t good ones. Yours either? Wow. I know. I know.
But do what you can. Search out what is missing. Believe in the power above and the power within. You will not fail. I swear.



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