"Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace, and power in it." Goethe

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Sunday’s Song: Suffice it to Say…Palm Sunday in Taos

I am at one of those places where I have so much to say, but I cannot say it all today. The specifics have to arrange themselves in the shape they want to be, but I am honoring the commitment I made to blog each Sunday of Lent. So, here I am on sketchy WiFi, typing on my phone, my dear friend Care across from me in a lodge room at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House.

I read over my journal entry from yesterday morning. Start today’s entry. Wonder how on earth a day can hold so much. Today held so much. It is one of those times you think How could all of this happen in one day? Abundance. Total abundance.

I am spending this Holy Week in Taos. It is a marker of time that keeps ticking…keeps saying yeah this is the week you were supposed to be in this place at this time.

If I told you everything so far, you might not believe me. Or you might think I’m a bit crazy. Or you might be glad. Choose glad.

The people in my path have been from every end of the pendulum. A wide arc. We are not all kindreds here…believers and unbelievers and all in between abound…but I have decided sometimes we need the disparity to recognize how much good there is. Or how far we might have to go. How much we still have to do. How much one’s presence matters in this world for so many reasons.

Today I saw parishioners process around a town square, people waving palm branches, singing, marking a moment. I saw a policeman far far down the square holding a palm branch. Waving it. And then a child, an armful of branches at the edge of the crowd bringing us lucky bystanders palms. He was in the frame of my lens and a second later his sweet voice Here. Just that.

Here. As in take it, Woman. Or as in the message be here, present right now. Or as in I see you. Or as in you need this.

Later, I see a family walking. The man (son/brother/father?) had his back pocket filled with palms. He was probably the designated carrier for the family. Maybe they were all out for lunch like we were, enjoying the New Mexico sunshine on a crisp bright day. Maybe they were filled with hope. Something about that pocketful of palms. Something that said see this.

I am seeing a lot these days. Knowing every image is leading me to a place I cannot quite see but know it’s worth walking toward…but remembering to worship the moment I am in. The deep moment of place and time…and suffice it to say I am grateful.

I am watching. Listening.




Friday’s Five

Five little things from the past few days that remind me I am a human on this earth:

babies’ laughter…

my daughter’s text from 5,000 miles away…

my son’s hugs…

a sacred medal mailed from a beautiful friend named (appropriately) Care…

a late night phone call from a friend decades younger in real years, but our soul years are sort of the same…

…our connections sustain us. They are the most beautiful and treasured gifts we have on this earth. Cherish your people. 

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Friday’s Five

A friend bearing freshly caught fish (to stock my freezer) who drops in and doesn’t care that I have laundry in piles on the sofa. She sits admidst t-shirts and towels and socks and talks and laughs.

A friend who has been on her first plane flight and first travel abroad adventure. We meet to catch up, look at her travel photos, revel in the enlightenment that travel brings. 

A friend who finally allows me to help her with a small request next week. The grace of that. 

A friend who is suffering from the physical pain cancer inflicts. Knowing I can do nothing but pray. Knowing that’s all she wants from me. 

A friend who asks me to share what I know about journal keeping to a group of writers/teachers. Sharing with them and watching the light bulb come on for them. 

Tonight’s five: friendship.

I’m only skimming the surface here, but these women have added a depth to my life that I treasure. Sometimes, like tonight, I think about friendship and how it starts, how it evolves. How it surprises and awes and  touches us. How when we make efforts to maintain relationships,  amazing gifts come forth. 

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Santa Fe meanderings

Today’s impressions…








good vibes

I stood in an area of Canton Road and touched a $27,000 statue of Ghandi. I received a text from my son where are you now and that was so cool because I had just thought of him that same second. I need to send him a pic of this. And there he was, virtually with me. 

Coincidences. Connections. Whatever you label it, it was cool. 

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Friday’s Five

An 80+ year old man in an aqua shirt. Killing it.

A place called Kenny’s in Dallas. My. Gosh.

Google Maps. Thank you for directing well.

Colored notebook paper. 

A wooden clothespin with a tiny drawn star. Meanings…

Happy remembering of good things and good times. 

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March’s Miracle


Nineteen blooms on this orchid, dear readers. Nineteen.

Maybe that is not  surprising to you, but knowing the neglect this plant endured for months, I’m calling “sweet surprise” at the very least. Every day, new blooms (there are more buds waiting even now). Each petal pristine-no fading, no browning. A gift of light, no doubt.

There have been many gifts lately. The forsythia and irises are blooming. Some camellias have faded while others are just starting to open. They bloom in anniversary, it seems. I’ve figured that much out as I finally have  time to notice and remember that “this one” was planted a year ago, and it’s blooming today. That’s nice. 

There were ten geese on our pond this morning. Ten! But just two came to me for bread. Those two…

I stood still, watching them glide across the water. I listened to the heavy swish of their wings as they took flight. I mimicked their honking as I stood waving bread. 

There is so much more than us.

I stood fully aware of the moment. The  pond is pouring over its banks right now…it will take heavy, tall boots to get to my bridge. 

I can see it though. I see how years come and go and how I’ve written about droughts and sun baked dirt. Today it’s simply squishy. Mud and wet grasses and warnings from the lawn guys about snakes. Bunches of them. We just never know.

But I know this. On my little  sun porch  there is an orchid  blooming profusely. I bought it a year ago, and it was pretty. It probably had four blooms. I never imagined it could be this. But it is. It is.

Be open to all the possibilities. There are miracles happening all around us all the time. Sweet surprises we just have to pay attention to…if we want to really see.